Parivartan - An Initiative from Delhi Police

As there has been drastic increase in the molestation against the women and they frequently have been felt prey to gang rapes the social and civil communities have raised their concerns and demanded the Delhi Police to involve the social and civil groups in implementation and designing of the revised policies as mentioned in the Parivartan programme. The following steps were only taken after the gang rape and murder of the physiotherapy student that happened in the moving bus on the roads of the Delhi in December 2012. By taking such actions the base of the problem could be analyzed that is majorly based on the gender discrimination and hence increasing the violence on women to declare the supremacy of men over women.

It was in 2005 that the Parivartan programme was initiated after there was an increase in sexual and physical violence against the women.

The initial team comprised of 20 beats that worked in the North western part of city of Delhi.

The programme was initiated by Policemen named Sagar Preet Hooda that dropped the violence cases drastically from 2006 to 2010.



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