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Citizens Public Interaction

There are many policy programs that belong to different communities and sectors of life and these programs are often helpful in maintain law and order in society. Few of these have been mentioned below:-

  • Public Meetings: - RWAs, MWAs and other social groups make a practice of organizing monthly public meetings in their societies or group.
  • Engrossment of Schools or College students:- Continuous involvement of letting the school and college students involve in such meetings proves beneficial
  • Self Defense Training: -Special camps for girls to teach them about the self-safety by teaching them Martial Arts with the support of “Self Defense Academy” and SPUW&C in Nanakpura.
  • Public Awareness and Education: - Special events were organized to make more and more people aware about the security measures they could follow to thwart any possibility of crime.
  • Care of Senior Citizens: - Involving senior persons of the society in all the meetings at different levels to look out for the problems confronted by them.There are special numbers dedicated for senior citizens of Delhi that can be used to get them registered under the senior citizen categories and these numbers are 23490233 (TeleFax number), 23490010 (For Call) and extension 4336. The other emergency helpline number is 1291.
  • Utilizing the services of Civil Defense Volunteers: - To keep up the law and order the involvement of civil defense volunteer services proves beneficial.
  • Functioning of Rape Crisis Intervention Centers: - RCICs provide every support to the rape preys.
  • Student Police Community Defense Program: - A program that is designed to alert the school going children for seeing the senior members of society, participating in the verification of servants or renters.
  • Parivartan: - An initiative taken by the Police of Delhi to spread awareness about respecting women. After the implementation of this program there was a drastic drop in the crime rate done to women especially rape rate dropped to many levels
  • Navchetna: - A special program taken by the Police in collaboration with public awareness camps to encourage the youth.
  • Area Policing Plan: - This plan is designed with the involvement of local police and citizens to support the protection of the areas and localities they stay in. These kinds of initiatives are generally taken in the areas where there is less number of police force to protect people and the local residents are involved for the safety matters. The major three masts of this scheme are regionalized police team, an element of revelation and involvement of local residents.
  • Thana / District Level Committee: - Such meetings are planned and systemized each month.
  • Eyes and Ears Scheme and Tenant Verification: -
    • Eyes and Ears Scheme: - A new program launched by the Police of Delhi was named as “Public As Eyes and Ears of the Police” that worked on the policy of involving Rehriwalas, Patriwalas, Guards, Parking attendants, Chowkidars, vendors, local residents or shop owners to be alert on any kind of suspicious activity or person and sharing the same with the police as soon as possible. All these people are motivated by organizing weekly or monthly meetings.
    • Tenant Verification: - Delhi Police also started the verification of tenants who rent any house or apartment in Delhi on regular basis to keep an eye on any suspicious person. Any owner who keeps a tenant has to contact the local police for verification of tenant. Police follow special designed steps for tenant verification.

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