Delhi Police Licencing Unit

To get a license for running a restaurant, hotel, amusement park, auditorium, cinema, explosives, arms etc. you need to contact the licensing unit Delhi Police which is a ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. The motto of the organization is ‘citizen first’. The mission of the organization is to provide quality and prompt service from a single point. Feedback received from the public acts as the driving force for this organization and at present it boasts of 85% customer satisfaction level.

The working culture of this organization is based on the feedback received from public. On the basis of these feedbacks some fundamental infrastructural improvements have been made by the licensing branch. These include, ensuring transparent public dealing, by opening new public lounge, to facilitate dissemination of information, new inquiry counters have been opened for public.

The future planning of this organization is based on the regular feedback on their service. This helps them to know about their mistakes and upcoming opportunities.

This unit believes that working in a team is more fruitful. Every member in the team is considered valuable both as a professional and as an individual human being. The team meet on regular basis every month to share vision and set future goals to make things more customers friendly and easily accessible and to improve the entire system. To make the process a shared responsibility, powers have been decentralized and the internal process is democratized. Importance is given to every input that comes in. “team work is more of we and less of me” is the adage that truly represents the work ethic here.

The join C.P. (Licensing) is the head of this unit, who has been given powers by the Commissioner of Police to grant / issue license on their behalf. The A.C.P. is the assistance public information officer while the D.C.P. Licensing is the Public Information Officer for the respective sections.

Work Culture

Public feedback is the life blood of the working culture here. The objective is to create a cohesive team of friendly officers who are courteous, competent and tech savvy, and they are considerate to the needs of the public. To hone the communication skills of the officials working in licensing unit, a comprehensive personality development course has been organized for the first time. Moreover, feedback from public helps in appraisal of officials and the ones who score high on public confidence are given due recognition and are motivated to perform better. The ethics revolves around continuous self-improvement and these officials serve as leading example for the whole organization.

Public Dealing

For the comfort of the public, the reception also serves as the enquiry counter. You can contact the officials from different departments at the reception counter from 9:30 to 12:30. The checklist for the required documents and all the application form are available at the reception counter.

You should contact the reception only at the given time from 9:30 to 12:30. Visitors are allowed to meet only during the allotted time limit. You can obtain the visitors pass from the reception counter. You have to go to the public lounge I, if you are enquiry regarding arms and for all other matters related to eating house, press, cinema, hotel, performance license etc. you have to go to the public lunge II. Visitors are requested to give their feedback on the service provided by filling up feedback form.



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