Juvenile Justice Board

The only lawful body that works in support of children who are facing any legal issues is Juvenile Justice Board. It is considered that every district must have a Juvenile Justice Board and if not every district can have it at least two or moredistricts must have this board. Each JJB comprises of two social workers and a judicial magistrate. The implementation of this board was with an intention that a fair decision will be taken with the presence of two social workers.

In case child has been detained in any criminal offence, the case is directed to JJB and during the procession of case child has to stay in observation home. Once the case is proved child is kept in special home.

At present two J.J. Boards are functioning in Delhi.

Address of J.J.Boards:-

Juvenile Justice Board –I
SewaKutir Complex,
Kingsway Camp,
New Delhi
Contact: 011-27651437, 011-27651439
Fax No. 27651761

Juvenile Justice Board -II
Prayas Children Home Complex ,
Delhi Gate , New Delhi
Contact: 011-23724053, 011-27651452
Fax No. 23318003

Juvenile Justice Board -III
1, SewaKutir Complex,
Kingsway Camp,
New Delhi
Contact: 011-27653284, 011-27653283


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