Monitoring And Evaluation

Since its existence the programme has been clear and translucent. All the actions must be planned in advance for inspecting and presenting. Everyone has the right to remark, evaluate and slate on any topic of discussion in the program. The evaluation of the advices and remarks are evaluated on the top most level and after debating with the proficient group of people the newly evaluated points are unified into the existing programme. The programme is progressed in a repetitive routine. The newly advised points are revised by both the existing members and the other proficient that have knowledge on the concern matter. It was in 2007 that the people not belonging to the group were consulted by the practitioners of the Social workers of Delhi School under the University of Delhi. The first ever All India level conference was conducted on 20th February 2006 in the city of Delhi while second review was conducted on 29th August 2006.


Do you think Delhi is the most developing Capital in the world?