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Request To The Public

  • Citizens should be alert all the time. If they come across any person who is managing to live well without a regular income or anyone leading a rich life without any known source of income, they should inform the police immediately for these persons might be involved in any illegal activity.
  • If a citizen happens to witness any suspicious activities anywhere, be it where he resides or an area he visits, he should inform the police immediately about it for these activities can threaten the safety and security of the whole community.
  • It is the duty of every citizen to inform the police about their tenants and domestic help. Their details should be sent to the local police and this information should be verified from the police without any delay.
  • Traffic snarls and irregularities cause inconvenience to all. By following certain rules, the citizens can ensure a smooth ride and drive. The citizens are thus expected to follow the lane system strictly and give their full cooperation to the Traffic Police so that any type of inconvenience can be removed and a smooth traffic flow can be ensured.
  • Only a responsible citizenry can ensure a safe system and society. If anyone happens to see a suspicious or unclaimed object anywhere or a bag or packet without any owners, they should be alert and inform the PCR immediately. Nobody should touch any unclaimed objects, even if they are attractive.
  • Vehicle theft is a major concern today. The Police give out various instructions from time to time to prevent vehicle thefts. Vehicle owners are expected to pay strict heed to these guidelines and ensure that their vehicle is safe and secure.
  • The citizens should come forward to help or assist the local police in detecting and preventing all types of crimes. The citizens have to be alert all the time and get in touch with the police in case of any misdoing or happening. Only when citizen are alert and cooperative, can the police ensure smooth maintenance of law and order.

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