Safety Instructions

The safety measures taken by members working as part of Parivartan programme works for safety of women have been listed below:-

Guidelines For The Parents For Their Children's Safety

  • DO's                     
    • Parents of the girl child must always go along with her while she moves out of house.
    • Identity card of the child must have her name and residential address.
    • Child must be made to learn their home telephone number.
    • Don’t leave child alone at home.
    • Make loud cries when some stranger abducts the child.
  • DON'Ts
    • A minor girl must never be left alone with neighbors or unknown relatives especially men.
    • Never reveal residential address or phone number to any stranger.
    • Make the child learn to never disclose to any stranger about their being alone at home.
    • Avoid sending child alone to movie halls, parks or market places.
    • Make the child aware that they must never take any eatables from strangers.

Security Guidelines For Home-Makers

  • DO's   
    • Be attentive and watchful on any stranger.
    • Install magic eye or a safety chain on the door.
    • Always demand the identity prove of the regular plumber, carpenter, house helper, etc. before letting them in to house premises.
    • The safety man of society must carry torch, whistle and wooden bamboo for any emergency.
    • Before moving out switch on the outer lights.
    • The important phone numbers must be at an easy accessible place.
    • Install an alarm bell with some known neighbors for any emergency situation.
    • The strong iron grills must be installed on all doors and windows. The places where air-conditioners or coolers are installed must be properly secured.
  • DON'Ts
    • Don’t be frank with strangers and don’t take eatables from them.
    • Don’t hop on in any vehicle with strangers.
    • Cry out loudly to alert in case of emergency.

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