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Security Of Senior Citizens

  • DO’s
    • Have the doors procured with magic eye, auto locks or door chain. It is also safe to have pet dog at home.
    • Before opening the door for anyone watch through the magic eye
    • Install alarming bell with the known neighbors.
    • Get the verification of the maid, driver, tenant or watchman through police
    • Only the plumbers, carpenters, electricians etc. who are known or who have been registered by the RWA must be called for any services.
    • The phone numbers of relatives and friends must be kept at an easily accessible place.
    • Prefer moving in groups while going out for walk.
    • If seeing any suspicion activities in surroundings immediately involve the local police or security.
    • While moving out keep the lights of the house on
    • Keep the knowledge of the local police officer handy for time of emergency.
  • DON’Ts
    • Don’t let any unknown person inside house.
    • Don’t keep a house help without verification
    • Don’t discuss the personal matters with strangers especially matters related to family, property etc.
    • Don’t give access of almirah, cupboards or where cash or jewelry is kept to the house help or even the permanent servants.
    • Don’t show off about the cash or jewelry to the strangers
    • Don’t leave valuables and house under supervision of any unknown person.
    • In case of any suspicious activity inform the local police immediately

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