Seat Belt

It is a universal fact that a millions of lives are saved each year in accidents simply because of having fastened a seat belt.  It is now mandatory to put a seat belt in Delhi as this comes up as the smallest safety measure one should adopt to ensure safety on the road.

Accidents are inevitable and may happen with anybody at anytime. It is hence always advisable that the person should be wearing a seat belt to ensure his or her safety while driving.

In the case of a collision, the deceleration speed of the car is extremely high. In the case of no seat belt, chances are that people shall continue to move in the speed even in the case of a crash and hence face severe injuries or even death.

In most cases, the face and the heads of the front passengers hit the parts of the vehicles particularly the windscreen when there is no seatbelt. At times, the steering and the dashboard also cause damage when the head is banged against it at a high speed. With extremely high degree of impact, the driver also risks being tossed out of the vehicle.
People seated on the car’s rear also risk banging their heads against the front seats and hence are also advised to wear the seat belt whenever possible.

Seat belt does not ensure safety but decreases the degree of risk. This happens only when the seatbelt is worn properly. The belt shall always be over the person’s shoulders and should stick close to the body of the passenger.

Secure your Children

Children are never advised to be seated on the front seat. The brakes, when applied suddenly risk throwing the child on the dashboard and/or on the windscreen which might cause injuries to the child. It is hence always recommended to secure the children who fall below the age of 10 to the rear seat with their seat belts. There are specialized products that ensure this safety for children

Although it is accepted to allow children above ten years of age to be seated on the front but it is strongly recommended to ensure that they wear a seat belt. It must never be allowed to let children travel in a standing position or be seated in the seat of the driver. Locks on the doors now are designed particularly to ensure safety for children as they cannot be unlocked from within the care.

People who are travelling in the vehicle without mastering the seat belts are made to pay a penalty of Rs.100 for the first offence and are forced to pay Rs.300 on every repeated offence of this nature.


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