Drug Abuse

Things to Know

  • As per Childline India Foundation the top five drugs consumed by child in India are Opium, Cannabis, Heroin, Alcohol andPropoxyphene.
  • Drugs can be consumed in ways like chewing, swallowing, injected, smoked or inhaling.
  • Glue, Paint, cough syrups etc. are also consumed in replacement of drugs.

Consequences for Children

The effect of a drug abusive child is not on any individual rather it affects society or the family of such a drug abusive child. Drug abuse has been considered one of the social evil for the society. Few of the consequences of this affect are listed below:-

  • Physical abuse is caused like accident, coma, HIV infection etc.
  • Psychological effects of drug abuse include memory problems, delirium and abnormal behavior
  • Social abuse of drug includes family member’s rejection, rejection at work place etc.

What can I do when I see a child abusing drug?

  • Respect and treat the child who is drug abusive with poise.
  • 1098 can be dialed for helping a drug abusive child and work with local NGO to help such a child.

Relevant Legislations

  • Act for Preclusion of the unlawful circulation of Narcotic drugs and Psychotropic Substance.
  • Act for Juvenile Justice.

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