Number Plate

There are strict restrictions in Delhi in terms of compliance of the proper number plate failing which is a grievous penalty. It is hence advised that people should ensure that their number plate is in proper shape and according to the guidelines.

number plate

Strict Specification explaining the bare minimum letters size or the size of numerals and relative spacing on the number plate

Sl. No. Class of vehicles Front Letters and Numerals (in mm) Rear in (mm)
Numerals Letters
Height Width Space Space Height Space Height Width Space
1 All Four wheeled vehicles 65 10 10 65 10 10 65 10 10
2 Mopeds and Motor Cycles less than 70cc 15 2.5 2.5 40 7 5 35 7 5
3 Other Motor Cycles and Scooters 30 5 5 40 7 5 35 7

Colour of the background and the, letter’s and numeral’s colour are also specified

Sl. No. Class of Vehicles Background colour of number plate Colour of letters and numerals No. of lines
Front Rear
1 All private vehicles White Black 1 or 2 1 or 2
2 All commercial (except rent-a-cab scheme) vehicles Yellow Black 2
cab scheme) vehicles

Note: If the lines are double, the state’s code letter along with the authority of registration’s code shall form the very top line. The other details shall be adjusted in the other line.

All letters are advised to be used in the language of English.


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