Arms License

Want to get New Arm License?

Here are the documents that will be Required

  • Prescribed form to apply.
  • Passport size photograph – 4 copies (with self-attestation on backside), among which one has to be sticked on application whereas another on affidavit at SI No. 3.
  • Original Affidavit.
  • Health certificate (in prescribed format from government recognized Doctor, this is not necessary for paramilitary forces, police, Armed Forces Workforces).
  • Age proof with self-attestation (passport, school transfer certificate or matriculation certificate).
  • Residence proof with self-attestation (photocopy of house tax, property tax, passport, driving license, water bill, telephone bill, electricity bill etc, PAN card should be fine only  with tax return copy indicating the address).
  • Certificate of posting or commanding or supervisory recommendation is compulsory (for paramilitary and Armed Forces) Police persons can also surrender to this certificate.
  • Proof of financial status (salary slip/ ITR).
  • A replica of complaint/FIR should be attached in case of threat.
  • When there is transference of weapon after death on the basis of inheritance.
  • Arms license that belongs to the dead or transferor.
  • If a person likes to transfer his weapon, the consensus on license affidavit has to be provided. In matter of death, one has to submit insurance bond from applicant and No objection certificate from all legal heirs should be produced.  
  • If the weapon belongs to Non-Service-Pattern also called the NSP, one has to get approval from DGO office DHQ. It has to be in the titleas well as name of applicant.
  • In matter of service/ employees:
  • No objection certificate from concerned division
  • Official address proof
  • Retirement date (Order copy issued by office in situation of DHG / Police / CPO / Army / Government Servant.
  • Safekeeping guard must produce an undertaking from employer on the basis of requirement and further exercise.
  • In situation of Businessman:
  • Documents like NDMC / MCD / Sales Tax receipt / VAT acknowledgement / Service Tax acknowledgment
  • No. of employees
  • Yearly income
  • Yearly turnover
  • Regular cash transactions


  • Application form together with all the required documents must be produced at Licensing Unit between 9.30 AM and 12.30 PM on any working day.
  • One can download all the model forms either from the above hyperlinks or can get it directly from licensing unit.

Arm License Renewal

Documents Required

  • Application form as par prescribed format
  • Original Arms License
  • The weapon(s) for inspection
  • 2 different self-attested Residence proofs (House tax / property tax, tax return, passport, driving license, telephone bill, water bill, electricity bill etc. PAN card copy will be accepted only if accompanied with Tax return copy on correct address).
  • Posting-cum-residence certificate or recommendation letter from the supervisory/ commanding gazetteofficer is compulsory (for paramilitary forces and Armed Forces Personnel only). Police persons can also submit this certificate, if they don’t have second residence proof.
  • If the licensee is involved in any criminal act and case that still exists or quashed, an affidavit about the details together with criminal case status should be provided.
  • If it is late renewal, an affidavit is required.


Application form together with required documents and weapon should be produced at Licensing Unit with 1 month before or after due date of renewal. The form can be submitted on any working day between 9.30 AM and 12.30 PM. All forms can either be downloaded from the official portal or can be obtained directly from Licensing Unit.

Arm License Surrender

  • In case of licensee death, the relatives of licensee should submit the death certificate together with original arm licensee at Licensing Unit.
  • Licensing Unit will issue weapon deposit permission to relative for depositing the weapon at nearby police station or any recognized arm dealer
  • Weapon should be disposed off before cancellation. Legal heirs can avail any one of the following options for weapon disposal.
Option-1 They can transfer the license to their name by applying for new license on the base of their inheritance.
Option-2 They can also transfer the license to any legal heir who have license but no option for additional weapon.
Option-3 Selling the weapon to any person or recognized dealer.
Option-4 Make it unusable and present it to any agency or museum.

Documents Required

Option-1 Procedure is same as that of obtaining fresh license.
Option-2 A photocopy of the licensee’s license who wish to procure deceased individual’s weapon.
Option-3 Details of any recognized dealer who wish to buy the weapon.
Option-4 Recognized arm dealer certificated stating that the weapon has been silenced.


Permission to release the weapon will be granted after receiving the above documents. Once the weapon is disposed according to above procedure, the license is revoked or cancelled from records.

Arm License Registration on Transfer

A. To sell/ gift/ transfer weapon:

Documents Required

  • Application form with the name and address of recognized arms dealers or license number and photocopy of individual who wish to get the weapon
  • Original Arms License
  • Affidavit for gift / transfer / sell the weapon


Application form along with required documents can be produced at Licensing Unit on all working days between 9.30 AM and 12.30 PM. Arms license will get stamped as per the requirement. 45 days after the expiry period and in absence of adverse report from the local police station, applicant can approach Licensing Unit for getting permission to gift / transfer / sell the weapon. The weapon should get transferred within one month of approval.

B. To delete weapon already sold / transferred/ gifted

Documents Required

  • Application form on a plain sheet of paper along with the details of the weapon that has to be deleted
  • Original arms license


After selling the weapon, application form along with original Arms License should be produced at Licensing Unit for deleting the weapon in less than 15 days of transfer of weapon

Arms License Validity to Other States

Documents Required

  • Application form
  • Affidavit
  • Medical certificate from any recognized medical officer on specified format. Not required for paramilitary forces, police and Armed Forces Personnel.
  • Photocopy of Arm License
  • All other required documents according to policy of GNCT vide no. F. 13(44) / 2007/ HG / 3463-71 Dt. 08-07-2010.


  • The application form along with all other documents can be submitted by person or sent by post.
  • After checking, the application is forwarded to GNCT for its approval if considered as fit.
  • The final decision of the competent authority is intimated to application through post. If approved, the person is requested to attend office for further endorsement on the same day.
  • One can download all the forms either from the official portal or can be obtained from Licensing Unit directly.




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