Legal Awareness

A legal right as any other rights is of vital importance and it is necessary that each and every citizen is aware of his or her legal rights. The Authority dispenses such information and awareness regularly to make people aware about legal issues and rights. Some of these programmes are as follows:

  1. The best and quick way to dispense information is through media and the Authority regularly publishes important information regarding its activities and services on print and visual media.
  2. The Authority observes important days in collaboration with government and non-government organizations to spread awareness about legal matters.  By celebrating Women’s Day, National Legal Services, Labour Day, Anti-Tobacco Day, the Authority ensures that information regarding legal issues in conjunction with these days reach as many as possible.
  3. What a better way to spread awareness about serious issues like child labour, domestic violence, female foeticide, etc., than through street plays? By organizing street plays and skits, the Authority issues much important information regarding these issues and the legal matters associated with them.
  4. The Authority has also produced documentary films to spread awareness. Some of these are a film on women’s issues and rights, titled Desh Ki Shaan Hai Beti and a film Satyamev Jayate on legal help and services.
  5. The Authority also regularly dispenses information and awareness regarding various laws and legal rights through radio too. In fact, a special programme on FM Rainbow has been prepared for this purpose. Such initiatives have ensured that information reaches as many as possible in all nooks and corners of the state.
  6. When it comes to legal rights, just literacy is not enough but what is needed is legal literacy and not even educated people have legal literacy. Hence, the Authority from time to time offers legal literacy programmes through various media.

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