Underage Drinking

The problem of underage drinking, which have bearing on policing are

  • Accidents and loss of life due to drinking
  • Injuries due to alcohol consumption
  • Destruction of property
  • Vehement crimes like muggings, rape etc
  • Muddled behavior in public areas
  • Rave parties
  • Sabotage
  • Loudness in residential areas
  • Demises and Suicides

Since the reasons of underage drinking can be

  • Considering consumption of alcohol at a way of show-off or a necessity when entering the age of puberty or college life.
  • Society considering it right to consume alcohol at the age when it is not allowed legally.
  • To get to be part of group that has adolescence consuming alcohol.
  • The advertisements that promote the consumption of alcohol even by the youth.
  • Accessibility of alcohol at the pubs, dealers and the eateries who serve alcohol.

Such kind of happenings has to be taken up as per the Juvenile Justice Act since the possibilities are that juvenile can be taken up by the police due to non-compliance of age as per mentioned in the legal laws. The youth who are caught with disobeying the law are to be taken up as per the JJ Act and they are considered as lawbreakers if they are part of any of the options that are mentioned above.

There is very little legal consentthat works to consider the person a criminal if not of appropriate age.The only major law is applicable towards the person who supplies alcohol to the youth who are not at of the age to consume alcohol. The only laws that work for those who don’t abide for the underage drinking rule are mentioned below:-

  • S-25 under the JJ Act speaks about the penalty that is given in case the juvenile or a child is induced with alcohol, narcotic drugs or any other intoxicating substance.
  • S-29 that falls under the Punjab Excise Act is about subjecting the penalty that is given in case of the drinks being served or selling liquor to any underage person and the amount of penalty is Rs 500.

Many of the countries like UK and USA have seen a substantial lowering of case related to underage consuming or being served alcohol since the rule in these countries is to check the identity of person being served or buying alcohol.


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