Cinema Licence

Provisional Certificate

For obtaining provisional credential, one is required to submit the following documents -

  • Application Form-X Click to Download
  • Proof/supporting documents that you own the land
  • 5 possible sets of plans which include the building and site plan. These plans should further include – parking arrangements, switch rooms, film rewinding, projector, lift, staircase, booking windows, foyers, toilets, gangways, location of entry and exit etc. The plan should also mention the buildings in the site and the enclosing roads. All of these 5 plans are then sent to an agency that owns the land. They further scrutinize the site plans as per the Delhi Cinematographer Rules 2008, Master Plan and Building Bylaws. Following this, the sanctioned plans from respective agency issues the provisional credential to the particular applicant. This credential is issued from Licensing Unit. Through this credential, the applicant has the permission to move ahead with construction on the site.

Permanent License

Soon when the multiplex or cinema is completed, you will have to apply for grant of cinematographer license. Here are the listed documents for applying for the same.

Form-A Click to Download

With form A, listed documents are required

  • Site Plan
  • Two copies of Sanctioned Building plans.
  • A copy of Occupancy/Completion certificate.
  • Ownership title.
  • Court Fee Rs.5.
  • For the payment of fee, submit 3.6 attested copy of the receipt


Granted for duration of ten years, the cinematographer license can be renewed only after the expiry period. For this one needs to submit the following documents.

  • Application on From-A Click to Download(minimum 6 months ahead of the expiry date)
  • An affidavit Click to Download tothe impact that no amendments have been done to already approved building plan of granted place and that all respective fire safety techniques are working in good condition.
  • Prescribed fee (as mentioned in the Fee Schedule) Click to Download
  • Fees of Inspection (as mentioned in the Fee Schedule) Click to Download

Along with Form A, ensuing documents are must -

  • Site Plan.
  • Two copies of the already sanctioned building plan
  • One copy of the completion or occupancy certificate
  • Ownership title.
  • Court Fee Rs.5.
  • For the payment of fees, you need to submit the receipt copy which is duly attested
  • Attested copy of receipt for payment of fee.
  • ETO Clearance.

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