About Parivartan

About Parivartan – Delhi Women Awaaz

In year 2005 in month of August a “Parivartan” programme was initiated by the Delhi Police to implement any action against those who have committed crime against women like sexual or physical violence.The activities performed under this action are to make society aware by issues like rape and physical violence. These programmes are organized by the special women police majorly in the areas with heavy population or the areas with population of low income section of society.

The major reason for implementing this programme is to lessen the increased trend in the violence against women or the girl child at least by 25 percent each year. Initially, this programme was initiated in the North-western region of the city of Delhi since this area had been reported with maximum number of crime done to women in comparison to total 9 districts of the city of Delhi. As reported in 2005 the north-western part of city of Delhi has seen a total of 29 percent of total rape cases reported in the city of Delhi. The programme has been implemented in the northern and outer part of Delhi. The programme was designed by the Police of New Delhi in alliance with social groups, and members who belong to spheres like educational, human rights and various NGOs.The target areas as per the design of this programme include the highly populated areas, section with poor income where susceptibility of crime against women and girl child is likely to be high.

Before the implementation of programme there were more cases of women assault in comparison to time after programme was implemented. The reports of rape cases during year 2001 to 2005 have seen an increasing trend of 18 percent each year. Delhi has been named as the “rape capital of India” by media and also Delhi has been ranked as one of the most unsafe place for women by international media.



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