Law and Order

One of the most important aspects of the city of Delhi is the management of law and order. Being known as the “Centre for power” the city is administered by its strong and able Governance, several Courts of Law, Civic Authorities and Emergency Services. These work in tandem and also individually to ensure proper smoothness and the maintenance of Law and Order

Considering that Delhi is the capital of India, it should stand out as the city with utmost discipline with proper functioning of law and order. On the contrary, the city has been given the status of being the 'Rape Capital of India' due to certain cases of abuse to the women community in the city. It is not just rape that bothers Delhi but also a series of crimes that are committed in silence.


  • Delhi Government Structure
  • Political Parties of Delhi

Courts of Laws

  • Delhi District Courts
  • Delhi High Court
  • Patiala House Court
  • Supreme Court of India

Civic Authorities

Emergency Services



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