Local Transportation

Delhi has a strong system of transportation in the local region making these the lifeline of the city. It is worthy to note that majority of people in Delhi use the local systems of transport to commute. Some of these modes of travelling are local trains, metro trains, taxis and buses.


Locally plying buses in Delhi are possibly the cheapest modes of transport in the city. It is having the largest system of transportation of buses in the country. Most of the buses running in Delhi are under the ownership of DTC, which is a state owned Transport Corporation and some are also owned by private transport companies. Cost of tickets in these buses is quite low, usually in denominations of multiples of 5 rupees. A few years ago, CNG buses were introduced in the city for environmental friendly reasons, which are now well established in the city.


In Delhi, there are many taxis available for people to hire. Most of these taxis are provided on hire by DTC, tourism ministry of the centre and some private companies. These taxis are possible to be hired for travelling to nearby places as well as to longer distances. To take up a taxi, people need to visit the stand designated for taxis and can also call up a taxi providing company. Although, taxis are readily available in the city, these are a bit expensive than buses.

Auto Rickshaws

The number of auto-rickshaws and their popularity is supposedly between those of the buses and taxis. Also, their fare costs are in between these two. One can find these vehicles on the road and can be flagged off to stop. People need to exert a bit of care when calling for the auto-rickshaws, because the drivers of these autos do not agree usually to run on meters and hence, there is need to bargain and ascertain the fare cost before sitting into one of these vehicles.

Delhi Metro

Introduced relatively new, Delhi Metro has been one of the unique and popular modes of transportation in the locality. Metro links have not been able to penetrate all regions of Delhi, in most areas, it is under construction, with some of the stations and tracks completed and even operational. Charges for tickets in metro travel are very reasonable, while it is a pleasant experience to travel in these trains.

Local Trains

In the city of Delhi, travel in the local trains is supposedly the cheapest in the city. There are trains of intra-state and inter-state routes, which travel from different train stations in Delhi. Travelling in these trains helps saving time. Some of the important stations in the city are Hazrat Nizammudin, Old Delhi, Okhla, New Delhi, Shahdara, Pragati Maidan, Tilak Bridge and Shakur Basti. To allow the smooth travel in the local trains, there are many other small stations across the city.

Rural Transport Vehicles (RTVs)

RTVs resemble the mini buses, which are usually seen in the local areas, but in Delhi, these are found in only a few routes.


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