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Worlds Of Wonder

Worlds of Wonder (WOW) were constructed with the aim of being one of the largest in their league in the Asian continent. The one in Delhi, India, is the biggest in the country. This is one a stop solution for people and it offers a high degree of entertainment, excitement, shopping facilities and food courts. This is the first time a place like this has been opened in the country.

WOW is where people of all age groups can come and have their share of thrill. There are two parts in this theme park. One of them, Road Show, is where youngsters flock in large numbers because of the 9 highly thrilling rides that it has to offer them. This is a section that must be visited by adventure lovers as it offers unlimited degrees of fright and entertainment at the same time.

The rides in Worlds of Wonder theme parks are designed in such a way that people shout their hearts out in joy. They are highly wobbling in nature and one of the rides is so adventurous that it puts people upside down about 5 times in 5 seconds, which explains the thrill quotient that it offers the people. All this happens at an altitude of 25 metres.

There are other exciting rides here like the Big Beat (that makes people move multiple times), Mega Disco (that produces some unimaginable and incredible dance movements and makes people dance to the music), Feedback (that makes people oscillate continuously like a pendulum and turns them by a complete 360 degrees), Fast Forward (which makes people move towards the front, but the motion is set in a backward mode), Hip Hopper (in 4 people of an average weight of 30 to 50kg each can indulge in a smaller version of bungee jumping) and many more thrilling rides.

Kids and the feeble ones can go over the second part of WOW called La Fiesta. Here the thrill, excitement and entertainment are all a slightly lesser level than what one experiences at Road Show. A total of 11 rides can be enjoyed by families and kids in a very relaxing fashion in this section. All rides are designed with the safety and comfort of kids.

GIP Mall which is in close vicinity to WOW has some lip smacking delicacies in its food court. It also has branded showrooms which is a delight for shopaholics as well.

Best Time to Visit

Evening hours are the best times to visit this park, because one can enjoy the rides better when the weather turns a bit cooler.


Building No-104, Sec- 38 A “The Great India Place Mall”,
OPP Sector - 18, Plot No A - 2 Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Nearest Metro Station: Sec-18 Noida

Timings and Prices


Weekdays: 01:00 PM– 09:00 PM
Weekends: 01:00 PM– 09:30 PM


For Unlimited Rides -Rs. 450/- per head

For Pay per Ride

Download 50/-
Chart Smasher 50/-
Shanghai    Swinger 50/-
Hipp Hopper 50/-
Hipti Hop 50/-
Samba Rhumba 50/-
Locomotion 50/-
Bird's Nest 50/-
Mini Train 50/-
Mini Jet 50/-
Space Shot 50/-
Swan Boats 50/-
Dizzy Diana 50/-
El Matador 50/-
Rocking Joker 50/-
Rain Dance 50/-

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