Akshara Theatre

Gopal Sharman founded Akshara Theater in 1972 with Jalabala Vaidya, his actress wife. Mr. Sharman himself is a poet, playwright, musician, theater and television director.

Akshara Theater is a beautiful arts complex, located at Baba Kharak Singh Mark in New Delhi. It features four spaces for live performances. They are equipped through a grant from the Japanese Government under the Cultural Grassroots Programme.


  • Lighting and sound equipment at all four performance spaces
  • Library
  • Shooting and editing studios equipped with modern digital facilities
  • Sound studios
  • Graphics design studio
  • Workshops for metal work, set design, and stone sculpture
  • Classrooms for performing arts

Gopal Sharman’s ‘The Ramayan’ is the star play of this Akshara theatre. Jalabala Vaidya has performed this play over 2000 times in “Katha” style in various parts of the world. This includes Broadway in New York.

According to reviews by eminent personalities, it takes guts to watch Akshara Ramayana. The play depicts the story from a new angle.

Events at Akshara Theater

Thanks to Gopal Sharman’s Ramayana, Akshara Theater has obtained world recognition. Last year, this theater hosted a film festival, which created a platform for theater lovers, artists and film lovers to come together. The 9-day long festival displayed 8 docu-dramas. Each was of 30 minutes duration. They were created by members of this theater.

The documentaries included “My Life is My Song” on philosophy, music and anguish of Langas of Rajasthan. The theater also showed a short feature film “Two and Two” on music, maths and mysticism. Gopal Sharman directed it and the film featured Sir Rob Young, the former British High Commissioner to India.

“The Language of Illiteracy” is a docu-drama based on time and love. “Full Circle” is an intriguing film of a man who pens down letters to himself, both are by Gopal Sharman. “Music Alive” is a documentary series under Sharman production.

“Play It Hot” was an interesting play held at this theater in which boys played the role of girls. This and many more outstanding performances by artists have stunned audiences for years.

The theater takes audiences on a trip to a different world where emotions, acting, lights and sound work without barriers, where the style is free and live. This is the place where the audience can find raw and refined talent at the same stage.


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