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ISRAEL Cultural Centre

India and Israel had complete diplomatic relationships starting from 1992, but there had been a consulate of Israel in India, since the 1953. A cordial relationship always existed between the two nations and in the process of strengthening this relationship, Israel Cultural Centre was established formally in the address of Aurangzeb Road in New Delhi.

The aim of this centre was to showcase the culture and heritage of Israel in India and give people from different communities in this country, a chance to understand the culture of Israel. For this purpose, an auditorium was constructed as the Israel Cultural Centre and this became a well established centre for various cultural activities. In this auditorium, a number of shows and activities related to Israel were organised and artists and intellectuals from Israel arrived here for putting up their show. Even movies were showcased in the auditorium with enthusiastic audiences packed in the room. Having a good location in New Delhi, Israel Cultural Centre has had great crowd and plenty of events for the benefit of the growth of Indian and Israel’s cultural relationship.


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