Agha Khan Hall

Aga Khan Hall, located at Bhagwan Das Road in Delhi, is a spacious Auditorium featuring modern facilities. This is one of the best places in Delhi for hosting inauguration ceremonies, exhibitions, felicitation programmes and so on.

There is also Aga Khan University set up in 1983, Aga Khan Palace in Pune set up in 1982 and Aga Khan Hospital in Mumbai set up in 1945.

On March 26, 1980, the then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, inaugurated the All India Women’s Conference Buildings. During this time, the guest of honor was Mowlana Hazir Imam. The ceremony coincided with the 48th Annual Session of the All Women’s Conference. Begum Salimah formally opened this session in the newly-built hall, which was named “Aga Kan Hall” at that time by the dignitaries.

This Hall witnesses interesting events unfolding within its premises every now and then. Recently, SEWA mela was organized in Aga Khan Hall. SEWA is an organization of Gujarat. This and many more events and activities keep the Hall hustling-bustling and lively throughout the year.


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