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Abhishek Cineplex

Type Cinema Hall
Seating Capacity 250 to 300
Timing 10:30 AM To 09:30 PM
Ticket Price 40 to 60
Facilities Mobile Phones Allowed, Washroom
Land Mark Near State Bank of India
Nearest Metro Station Chandni Chowk
Distance from Airport 20 Kms
Area of Delhi Old Delhi

Today, malls are breaking out everywhere which also brings with it multiplexes. There is a common notion that these multiplexes are the toast of town and that single screen theatres are in the verge of pulling down their shutters. The truth is far away from it. The fact is that common moviegoers are often intimidated by the aura of multiplexes. Those who enjoy movies from the heart, yearn to watch them in a comfortable space rather than anywhere else. Of course, not to mention, the high prices of tickets. Multiplex rates are beyond the affordability of the common man. Thus, if a single screen theatre offers a cosy environment that is peaceful and enjoyable at the same time, then nothing can make any single screen theatres more popular. This is what Abhishek Cineplex located at the Chandni Chowk in New Delhi aspires to gift to moviegoers.

Chandni Chowk is a busy area and thousands of people from all walks of life pass through this area daily. As most of the Delhi residents are considered to be movie buffs, it is only natural that this busy chowk should have theatres that fit any pocket. Abhishek Cineplex is the ideal answer to such movie lovers. 

Though the ticket prices at the Cineplex are lower than that of multiplexes, Abhishek Cineplex does not lag behind modern technology. In fact, it guarantees quality service that will mean not only a great movie watching experience, but the splendid projection technology and quality audio system, makes movie watching at Abhishek Cineplex a pleasure to cherish for a long time.

The movie hall has comfortable seating arrangements and can accommodate 200 people. The interiors of the Cineplex are cosy with attractive décor. There is also a cafeteria and snacks’ bar that offers great coffee and delicious snacks, the apt companions for a happy movie watching experience.

Booking movie tickets at Abhishek Cineplex is as easy as it gets. Apart from the facility counter booking, tickets can also be booked online through the official website of the Cineplex. Detailed information about current shows and timings is easily available at a click. So, those who like to buy tickets from the comfortable environs of their homes can easily do so now.

Great prices, a comfy environment, easy accessibility, convenient way of booking tickets and a delicious coffee and snacks’ counter are the unique features that have set Abhishek Cineplex apart from the rest of movie theatres. No wonder, then it has become a favourite of the average cine-goer of New Delhi. Abhishek Cineplex, with its soaring popularity, is considered to be a landmark of Chandni Chowk today.

Abhishek Cineplex, with its newly renovated look and luxurious amenities, has caught the attention of the movie lovers of Chandni Chowk. It is constantly striving to bring a world class atmosphere to movie lovers and its vision has made the Cineplex a popular destination of Delhi cinema lovers. Anyone who wants their movie watching experience to be fun, delightful, comfortable and joyful, then Abhishek Cineplex is the place to be.


How can movie watching be joyful without quality screens? Abhishek Cineplex has a giant screen working on one of the best projection systems, thus guaranteeing an outstanding visual experience. The hall’s seating capacity is for 200 people but there is a provision to accommodate 100 more if the need arises. Another unique feature of the Cineplex is that its screen is bigger and wider than any other regular screens in India. Hence it provides the ultimate movie viewing experience. Latest technology at Abhishek Cineplex provides a fantastic picture quality that brings to the viewer the fine details of the picture, thus enhancing the movie watching experience.


Currently, it has world-class Digital Sound, Audio and Projection systems. It thus offers an amazing sound system that is pleasing to the ears and senses.


Any person who visits multiplexes does so because of the attractive interiors. At Abhishek Cineplex, the lobbies and restrooms were recently renovated with a view to better the standards of even multiplexes. The entire seating arrangements and interiors were redesigned to offer maximum comfort to the audience. The reclining seats offer sufficient leg space, thus making the seating very comfortable to any person of any height. The Cineplex has taken the service of world renowned architects and interior designers so that the new décor will match international standards and provide movie lovers with a world class movie watching experience.

Food & Beverages

The snacks’ bar serves mouth-watering pastas, sandwiches, burgers and patties. The menu offers a variety of snacks to choose from. The Cineplex also offers the facility of ordering and delivery orders at the seat. Another distinctive feature of Abhishek Cineplex is its adherence to high quality standards. Each food item and drinks served are from top companies and checked strictly for quality. High hygiene standards at the food counter is strictly maintained. The food is thus served with love and personal care.

Book Ticket

Book Ticket

Contact Details

Address: 1888/89, Chandni Chowk,
New Delhi, Delhi - 110006, India
Phone: 41900000

Website: www.abhishekcineplex.com

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