Lok Kala Manch

Lok Kala Manch has been formed with an aim of promoting cultural heritage of India and other countries. This is a non-profit organization. The building housing the Lok Kala Manch is located at 20, Lodhi Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. It is situated in a premium location behind the Sai Baba Temple. Since it is centrally located, it is easily approachable from all parts of Delhi. It can be approached by using the bus service of the city. The metro station of New Delhi Metro is also close by. This area of Delhi is known for its cultural venues which host various plays and vocal and instrumental music performances. This building is also suitable for hosting conferences, seminars, dance classes, theater performances, cultural shows and even film screenings.

The facilities include a completely air-conditioned auditorium, an art gallery and a seminar hall. The Vasuki auditorium has a capacity for 199 seats out of which 141 are at the ground level and 58 in the upper elevated area. The stage is decently sized measuring 16 ft by 16 ft. It also has a 12 ft by 9 ft projection screen. The LCD projector is from Hitachi. The acoustics comprise of the world famous BOSE 802 series in addition to Armstrong acoustic treatment. The interiors have been planned carefully. The finish is of white steam beech plywood. The green room is spacious and air conditioned. The fire safety mechanisms and equipment are updated regularly. The complex has a 100% power backup supply using a heavy duty generator.

Gayatri is a multi-purpose hall which is completely air conditioned. The flooring is exquisite green marble which is suitable for conducting various classes, seminars, workshops and exhibitions related to art or trade. It is even used for rehearsals. The hall can seat about 50 to 60 persons. It has a 6X7 sq ft projection screen. The nearly 1800 sq ft area is ideal for music, dance and theater performances. Shruti is another multipurpose hall which has Armstrong acoustic treatment. The flooring is of vinyl and therefore can be used for a variety of purposes. The seating capacity is similar to that of Gayatri multi-purpose hall and is used for nearly the same purposes.

The aim of Lok Kala Manch is to provide a forum for various budding and experienced artists to demonstrate their talent in music, drama and music. It strives to synthesize the culture from different regions and develop it at a national level. It organizes cultural functions in and out of India to enable people from all walks of life to renew their contact with their culture. It also organizes conferences of various artists and professionals in the performing arts industry of India. To achieve this national scale, it affiliates other such institutions and coordinates their activities. Lok Kala Manch recognizes artists for their contribution to the development of culture.

It houses a learning center where one can learn Bharatanatyam dance, Carnatic vocal music and Hindustani classical vocal music.


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