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French Cultural Centre

To establish growth in the recognition of French culture and its myriad features, France government brought up the concept of French cultural centre in India. Being the capital city of India, Delhi was the choice for establishment of this particular centre, so that there can be healthy and successful coordination between India and France. Primarily, the aim of the French cultural centre in New Delhi was to bring about successful coordination between these two countries and help in cultural exchanges, through festivals, language learning and share across different platforms. The French cultural centre is properly known as ‘The Institut français en Inde’. Through the cultural centre, it has been the efforts of the French government to increase the interaction across artistic exchanges, promoting the culture of France through printed materials, audio and visual aids and helping in the learning of French language among the Indians. Further, the aim of student learning exchange has also been stressed upon by research, scientific exchanges and studying in French institutes.

France has always looked forward to promote its culture in different parts of the world and in India, this purpose is being put in place by means of ‘The Institut français en Inde’, located in New Delhi. To make it possible for the institute to implement the efforts and objective of the institute, there is a network of Alliance Française, helping the local Indian organisations, which are also taking up the baton of spreading French knowledge across the country. With the help of about 100 Ifs, or The Institut français en Inde, throughout the country, and over 1000 Alliance Française in different parts of the world, the cultural exchanges and teach French in different areas are becoming a successful feature. In India, there are 16 such Alliance Française institutes across the country, with multiple campuses.

History of French Cultural Centre and Location

Institut français en Inde has had different names since its inception, some of them being French cultural centre, CEDUST, French Library and others. But in 2012, the French government decided to rename this cultural centre as Institut français en Inde or IFI. The present structure in which the IFI is located had been the location of the French embassy and then the embassy was moved to its own building in Chanakyapuri. The Institut français en Inde structure stands imposingly in the Aurangzeb Road and is one of the beautiful structures in Delhi, surrounded by blooming flower garden and dazzling light arrangements. In the campus of IFI, there are separate spaces for a research centre in humanities and a school for learning French, apart from the newly inaugurated well furnishing and modern French dining space called Bistrot.

Supposed to be the window to France and its culture, the Institut français en Inde, offers a beautiful surrounding, located at a stone’s throw distance from the Alliance Française in Delhi. The French cultural centre was officially renamed to Institut français en Inde on 29th March, 2012, where the president of Institut français Paris, along with invitees from all of the Alliance Française networks, was present to grace the occasion.

Services Offered

The Institut français en Inde has the objective of strengthening cultural exchange between India and France and its partners have successfully achieved much of the goodwill among the Indian people. But still, the objectives are many and the French cultural centre tends to offer a wide range of services for the benefit of French culture and the Indian people. Cultural events in French and with collaborative approach are held in the centre, where special dignitaries are invited and many of these programmes are done for charitable purposes. French film distribution is sought to be strengthened by participation in foreign language and French film screenings and projections. For writers, the forum of French cultural centre is a great means to interact with French and other Indian writers, publishers, translators and discuss various topics related to literary improvement and copyright protections. To give proper certification to the language of French and its learning by students, the centre has a big role to play. It conducts regular tests to provide certification to those learning the language. Teacher training workshops and programmes are held on a regular basis, so as to preserve and improve the quality of teachers of French language in India. French education, especially in the higher centres, is encouraged by providing scholarships and improving the outlook about the education system in the country. Students interested to pursue higher education in France are provided with detailed information through regional offices of Campus France. Apart from all the activities of the institue, there is a significant improvement and promotion of cultural and scientific cooperation at the university level.

Values of the Institute

Certain beliefs drive the work and objectives of French cultural centre in India and these are reflected in the cultural events organised by The Institut français en Inde, where freedom of expression is given much importance. It is also the aim of this cultural centre to bring about a uniform social inclusion in various spheres of creative talent. Instilling the spirit of cultural exchange and reciprocity is another uniqueness of the institute, so that the cultural knowledge is improved from both sides of the countries. For this purpose, the students from France are spending long hours in the institutes in India, while the Indian students get to learn a lot from French colleges and institutes. There are different categories of learners, who are looking out for imbibing something from these foreign institutes, and the French cultural centre looks out for partnerships with potentially advantageous colleges and training centres. Personnel working in French cultural centre are constantly being trained and professional skills are being improved, so that the upgradation of knowledge of the personnel is done in the most advanced manner.

Information on different media events, learning French, studying in France and different other aspects are under the responsibility of The Institut français en Inde, which is fulfils and undertakes through the assistance of Alliance Française in Delhi as well as other 12 centres across the country.


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