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The most attractive feature of visiting Kashmir or any foreign shores is that there is a possibility of having fun on ice. There are many enthusiasts who sign up for ice skating in these areas, paying exorbitant prices. Also, these facilities are not available all around the year. Now, there is a place that offers ice skating throughout the year and at a much lesser price. Yes, this is what ‘iSkate’ at Gurgaon promises to offer.

Located in Ambience Mall at Gurgaon, iSkate is India’s first natural indoor ice skating venue. iSkate has all facilities for those interested in ice skating, be it the beginners or experts. So, it is the place to be for those who would like to learn the ropes of ice skating and for those who would like to sharpen their ice skating skills.

iSkate is a place to have fun with friends and family. A variety of attractions will ensure that visitors have lot of fun and leisure at iSkate. Visitors can have a bit of physical activity at the ice skating rink, then sing their hearts out at the karaoke rooms and then relax at the food and beverages counter. Those who like the unusual, can go for a variety of ice cream tasting after a fun round of ice skating!

iSkate thus offers the ultimate enjoyable experience with the state of the art sound and light experience and is the place to be, for both the young and old.

Facilities Offered By iSKATE


Security lockers are available on the mezzanine floor to secure your personal belongings during your skating sessions. Please note that for your safety, bags are not allowed on the skating rink.

Penguin Buddies

As your little ones take the first step in ice skating, iSkate offers Penguin Buddies skating aids. Penguin Buddies do not slip on ice and are safe, they provide a correct skating stance and have handles on either side of their heads to get a tight grip. Besides helping children learn to skate, they are fun and attractive. These buddies are extremely popular with children.

A number of skating teachers have given their approval to the penguin buddies as a proper aid to help children get confidence on the ice and learn to skate well.


iSKATE have an in-house photographer who will click pictures for you and give you a framed printout to take back home. Please feel free to locate him and request him for a picture perfect moment. For charges please contact any of iSKATE staff.

Skate Shop

Watch out for a swanky new retail area that will open at iSKATE in Ambience Mall. ISKATE branded merchandise like skates, safety gear, jackets, lowers, key chains, soft toys, children activity kits and much more will be available for sale. Skating is fun, however by its nature there is an element of risk. As ice is a different and slippery surface, there is always a possibility of falling over.

Dos and Don’ts

Before going on the Ice

  • Choose a session appropriate to your ability
  • Long socks are mandatory
  • Do not skate if you are pregnant
  • Do not carry young children or babies on the ice
  • Do not skate whilst under the influence of alcohol
  • Do not use mobile phones or personal stereos on the ice
  • Either leave them with a spectator or in a locker
  • Do not eat food or drink on the ice, or drop litter on the ice
  • Do not carry or wear bags on the Ice as this may affect your balance. Remove sharp objects from your pocket
  • Ensure your skates are fastened correctly
  • Please be advised that Strobe Lights and Laser Lighting are used during Disco Sessions. Skaters who are uncomfortable with such lighting  effects should take  heed accordingly

Over the Ice

  • Always enter and leave the ice pad via the gates
  • Skate in an anti-clockwise direction
  • Do not skate at excessive speeds
  • If you do fall over, try to protect your head
  • Keep your fingers clenched in a ball
  • Please follow the instructions of the marshals and referees who are there to ensure your safety
  • When the machine is cleaning the ice, keep off the ice and behind the barriers
  • Do not sit or climb on the barriers
  • Do not dig holes in the Ice
  • No jumping, pushing or spinning
  • Do not throw or spray the Ice
  • No games
  • Please be considerate to less able skaters

Timings & Prices


Contact Details

Located on the 6th floor of Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, iSkate is a new concept of lifestyle entertainment which will cater to all age groups. The ice rink is spread over a sprawling 15000 sq feet and gives one the unique and exciting opportunity to experience skating on real ice.
6th Floor, Ambience Mall,
Gurgaon - 122001
Tel: +91 124 4610606
Email: [email protected]


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