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Mavalankar Auditorium

The Mavalankar auditorium is located at Vittal Bhai Patel House on the Rafi Marg, near India Gate. A prominent landmark is the Reserve Bank of India behind which it is situated.

The Mavalankar hall is the property of the Union Urban Development Ministry. The administrative control is with the Lok Sabha secretariat. Since it is a government run establishment, anyone who wishes to hire it needs a written permission from a government official of the rank of Member of Parliament.

The Mavalankar hall was formed to promote cultural exchange and propagate the cultural heritage. The premium location made is easily accessible to all. This building is also suitable for hosting conferences, seminars, dance classes, theater performances and cultural shows. The stage has a size of 40 ft by 60 ft.

The aim is to provide a forum for various budding and experienced artists to demonstrate their talent in music, drama and music.


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