Sapru House

The Sapru House is the headquarters of Indian Council of World Affair (ICWA) and is located at Barakhamba Road, Mandi House, New Delhi.

More than 60 years since 1955, when the first Prime Minister of India opened the gates of Sapru house, he was overjoyed by its design and architecture. At the very first instant, he decided to use this building for World Affairs. The design with its pillar structure of Hindu architecture and the gateway design of Islam along with its stupa style dome impressed the first Prime Minister of India very much that he hoped this was the right place to be an equivalent answer to London’s Royal International Affairs.

Earlier to finding this place, the Indian Council of World Affairs rejected four places and was struggling hard to find a suitable place to execute its activities. This building proved as the right one and hence this was named after the first president Tej Bahadur Sapru of ICWA. Form then onwards, Sapru house is the permanent headquarters of ICWA.

Overview of Sapru House

The entire building stretches over 2 acres of land at the very heart of Capital city New Delhi. With the state of the art infrastructure and beautiful architecture, lush green lawns surround Sapru House. Many prestigious establishments such as ‘Press Institute of India’, ‘Children’s Film Society of India’, ‘Institute of Defense Studies and Analyses‘ and ‘School of International Studies’ were designed and developed from this house only.

Sapru House Auditorium

Recently renovated, the first event was held in October, 2013. The guidelines for its usage are:


  • Seating capacity is 383 and determined to maintain within 200
  • Can be used for intellectual events
  • Available for the use of Ministry of External Affairs
  • Available for highbrow institutions like Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts, IDSA, IPSC and the like
  • Available for Delhi Universities

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