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Ambedkar Auditorium

Ambedkar Auditorium, situated in Andhra Pradesh Bhavan at Ashoka Road in Delhi, is a cultural hub. It is easily accessible as it is located near Connaught Place, which is at the center of the city. A large number of diplomats visit this place to relish the cultural richness hosted on its huge screens.

Ambedkar Auditorium hosts interesting cultural events. People who love art and culture prefer this place. It boasts of an artistic architecture and modern facilities. It gives the audience a nice feel while sitting inside it. It is a platform that showcases Indian heritage to people who are unknown to the rich culture of India.

Most of the events organized in this Auditorium are held by the Government. So, it is common to see the city’s who’s who, diplomats and ministers frequenting this place. The Auditorium forms an important part of Delhi’s art scene.

The place is almost always surrounded by music and art enthusiasts, dance and drama lovers and important local and global personalities. There is always hustle bustle in and around the Auditorium. One of the reasons this place attracts swarms of people is its great location. Connaught Place is frequented by tourists, dignitaries and local people. It is easy to reach the Auditorium from here.


  • Seating capacity: 250 to 500
  • Parking facilities
  • Canteen

Ambedkar Auditorium hosts shows only on Second Saturdays of each month. Its canteen provides tasty food, which is light on the pocket. This place has held a large number of shows, concerts, festivals and events that play an important role in promoting the cultural heritage of India.


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