FICCI Auditorium

Promotion of Indian industries and protecting the interests of businesses in the country, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry or FICCI was the primary organisation to work towards this particular aim. This organisation came into being in 1927, making it the oldest and the largest organisation for business people in India. In 1927, on the advice of Mahatma Gandhi, the industrialists and philanthropists, GD Birla and Purushottam Das Thakurdas set up the FICCI, as a body which would bring together the industrialists, business houses and corporate houses together, so as to work on a common platform for the development and growth of India. The organisation had steered the industrial revolution in India, closely interwoven with India’s freedom struggle. The role played by FICCI has given a new direction to the industrial sector, post the Indian independence era and contributed significantly to the historical process with healthy debates, discussions and implementation of various policies.

FICCI has also actively participated in the government structure by working on different features, in the capacity of a non-governmental and non-profit organisation. In the membership list of FICCI are a number of industries, corporate houses, small and medium scale industries and nearly about 2,50,000 member companies from regional chambers of commerce. Through this platform of FICCI, there is growth in industrial and business consensus, business promotion and networking among the business units of all statures.

Location of FICCI

The federation of Indian chambers of commerce and industry is headquartered in New Delhi and the branches are located in about 11 states and 8 other countries across the world. FICCI has many associate organisations like, Confederation of Indian Food Trade and Industry, FICCI Arbitration and Conciliation Tribunal, FICCI Alliance for Customer Care, FICCI Ladies Organisation and FICCI Aditya Birla CSR Centre for Excellence.

The headquarters of FICCI is located in Federation House in Tansen Marg, New Delhi, where FICCI auditorium is also built with the intention of providing a platform for various meetings, cultural events and member meetings of the FICCI. Structured in a big campus, the FICCI headquarters is regular meeting place for various high profile delegates from different corporate houses, businesses and representatives of the chambers of commerce in the country.

Activities Carried out in FICCI

Through the FICCI official portal, people can know about forthcoming events and continuing events in FICCI auditorium. This auditorium is also a place for conducting seminars, quiz contests and various programmes by local organisations, who can book the auditorium inside the sprawling campus of the Federation house. It is primarily used to meet and host delegates coming from foreign countries or from other parts of India, so that there is a cordial relationship between the parties. Various decision making meetings and capacity building workshops for the members of FICCI are also done in this building. To update the members about various developments in the field of business and give an insight into the new rules and regulations and discuss government strategies on business, this particular FICCI auditorium is highly useful.


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