Shri Ram Centre

The Shri Ram center is actually situated in the city of New Delhi; it is one of the best multi complexes in New Delhi. The important aim of this complex is to motivate work in arts and creations. It stands as the best place for improving the talents of an individual or group of performers in performing arts.

This complex became functional in the early 1960’s for arts and creations. This was designed by Shiv Nath Prasad with help from Mr. Alkazi. Based on their designs Shri Vinay Bharat Ram constructed this complex. Its design is unique and innovative which is ideal for a theatre. In addition, this supports several organizations for developing arts like INTT.

Their activities are generally over promotions of theatre, music, cultural melas, poetry, puppetry and other artistic as well as literary works. It contains an auditorium that is very helpful for executing group talents. It is made available to theatre repertoires, which includes children’s theatre groups. Generally, there are two seating level arrangements and has a seating capacity of about 556. That is 403 in the main hall seats and 153 balcony seats.

Shows, which are organized by parties, are being conducted here at different timings everyday in Shri Ram Centre. Actually, the ground basement of this complex was not completely utilized in early days and its purpose was fulfilled meagerly only. Hence, in the year 1978, this basement was well remodeled into a fully equipped theatre. This helps to perform several stage events and experimental plays. Apart from the benefits for performers, audiences can enjoy the play in a great manner with flexible seating arrangements. It was very well constructed with care and perfection, therefore good ambience is enjoyed in basement theatre.


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