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Sound and Light Show, Red Fort

Red Fort organizes sound and light show every evening to display the historical events related to Delhi city. This is one among the major attractions for tourists who wish to see the history of the fort. This is a well planned show by the Tourism Department with stunning lights and music to enchant the viewers. History starts from the time when Pandavas found this Indraprastha city with a special focus on Draupadi, followed by Prithviraj Chauhan, Bahadur Shah Zafar, Humayun, Razia Sultan, Sher Shah Suri and British rulers. This sound and light show has been a major source of attraction among the tourists who wish to travel around the tales of this Delhi, the formation and destruction of various emperors and their empires which are all well depicted in this streamlined show.

This show runs for about an hour in both English and Hindi language with thirty minutes break between the shows. There will be a slight change in the timings which may not be more than an hour in order to adjust with the climatic conditions of Delhi. This evening show is available at a reasonable cost of Rs.60 and Rs.20 for adult and children respectively. But, on public holidays and weekends, they charge Rs.80 and Rs.30 for adult and children.

The royal atmosphere of Purana Qila clubbed with latest technology and supplementary effects deliver a special touch to this show that makes its viewers to feel as if they were alive in those olden times. All the special characteristics of the fort are well associated with their corresponding rulers who were in authority of the fort during that time. For example, the gigantic entrance and the towering wall are linked to Sher Shah Suri and many more. This show was initiated during October 1996 and became a big success since then. This show is displayed with a link to the modern era with olden Mughal period along with the rulers who positioned Delhi at such a high status and made it as source of power. This show attracts tourists on all days irrespective of climate and season.

Timings of Sound and Light Show at Red Fort





7.00PM TO 8.00 PM

8.30 PM TO 9.30 PM


7.30 PM TO 8.30 PM

9.00 PM TO 10.00 PM


7.00 PM TO 8.00 PM

8.30 PM TO 9.30 PM


6.00 PM TO 7.00PM

7.30 PM TO 8.30 PM

Tickets for Sound and Light Show at Red Fort

  • On weekdays they collect Rs.60 and Rs.20 for adults and children (between 3 and 12 years).
  • On weekends and public holidays, it is Rs.80 and Rs.30 for adults and children (between 3 and 12 years).


  • Red Fort ticket booth delivers ticket an hour before the start of the show
  • Ashok Travels and Tour counters also deliver tickets at Samrat, Janpath Hotel and Hotel Ashok from 11 am till 5 pm.

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