LTG Auditorium

One of the popular auditoriums in New Delhi is the LTG Auditorium. LTG stands for the Little Theatre Group. This auditorium is located in central Delhi on Copernicus Marg. It is situated next to Kamani auditorium in the Mandi House area. This locale is the hub for cultural activities in New Delhi. It is easily approachable by the city’s bus service. People from the national capital region can also travel here easily using the Delhi Metro. The nearest metro station is at Mandi House.

The LTG auditorium is one of the earlier auditoriums to be constructed in the city. It has been a host to many prestigious and well known cultural events over the past sixty years. It has been known to organize classical dance and music performances as well as theatrical performances for international dignitaries and corporate organizations. This auditorium has also been utilized to conduct meetings, seminars, conferences, performing arts, theater events and other similar activities.

The auditorium can seat 327 persons. The interiors have been designed as state-of-the-art with world class sound and lighting system. The size of the stage is 32 ft by 24 ft. It is perfect for organizing cultural events of educational and other institutions, award ceremonies and stage plays. The dramas are usually held between 6 pm to 7 pm. The tickets for these shows are available at the venue itself. Due to its popularity, the shows at the auditorium get sold out quickly. To avoid a last minute anxiety, the tickets must be booked well in advance. Most leading dailies carry information about which shows are scheduled. This is quite useful in planning your visit to the auditorium. In case anyone wants to hire the auditorium and would also like to seek actors for their performance or would like to hire anchors for their cultural event, the auditorium authorities help to arrange these as well. The excellent facilities and infrastructure attract individuals, groups and organizations to this auditorium to conduct their cultural events here. Due to its immense popularity and excellent customer service, the auditorium needs to be booked at least a month in advance of the event, to ensure a confirmed booking.

LTG organizes repertory for groups in March and April and any person interested in theater art and who has prior experience can approach the group.


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