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Friday Weekly Market

Friday weekly market in Delhi is available on the streets of Delhi areas which lie opposite to the infamous Safdarjung, next to Mohammadpur’s St Thomas Church along with some areas of Sanjay Nagar and Vikram Enclave also. The market is known for heavy rush since people can get good reasonable quality products at rates which are way lower than other upper markets, especially if you have a spark of good bargaining in you, you can easily crack deals here. Plus these markets do attract youngsters and students who have to shop keeping in mind their tight budgets. The Friday weekly market offers everything from clothes to food items to rest. If you don’t have patience to juggle in the extreme crowd or go on for checking each and every item for a defect, then this place is not for you or you can only go there for enjoying the ambience only.


Friday weekly market is set on every Friday of the week at Delhi areas like Vikram Enclave, Sanjay Nagar and the areas opposite to Safdarjung which is quite near to Mohammadpur’s St Thomas Church. These markets are always exceedingly crowded and hence be ready for a battle of duos every minute in the rush to get to your required products earlier than anyone else.


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