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Connaught Place

If you visit New Delhi, there are many places that people plan to go to and Connaught Place is one of those places. It is one of the most famous hubs for shopping and recreation with most of the brands and high standard wine and dines restaurants being a part of this shopping hub. It is also a hub to some of the Indian and International companies. Connaught Place is the heart of the city where most of the people can be seen flocking all those happening places situation in Connaught Position or Place. Connaught Place was built in the year 1931 which houses most of the state emporia buildings, banks and airline offices. Even tourists don’t miss this spot as it has everything to ward off boredom.

Connaught Place has eight radio stations originating with many high rise buildings that have many workplaces and business. The customers often get pulled due to those well maintained roads, sidewalks, expensive showrooms, those fine restaurants and the various treats available around this shopping arcade. It also hosts some of the most amazing concerts and food festivals due to its central location and the immense space available to accommodate many people.

This place is the most crowded after the working hours. With many appealing looks and amazing café’s, it attracts youth all day long. The best part of this locality is its connectivity with other parts of Delhi. It is also one of the major metro stations where most of the people get down changing their lines to go to other places like Gurgaon, Noida, etc. If you wish to avoid that traffic on the Delhi roads, it is advisable to travel in Metro and reach in no time. One changes metro for the yellow and red line.

It has many movie halls which are mostly found full especially during the evening hours. There’s no scope for anyone to get bored due to the diverse forms of entertainment available for people of all age groups. Most of all, this place is a food heaven with most of the cuisines available to satisfy any type of taste buds. There are eateries of different range.

This circular market in the shape of a horse shoe is divided into blocks from A to F. It is has everything, right from clothing brands, footwear brands, lifestyle brands, jewellery brands, food chains, etc. This shopping arcade is one of its kind in the capital which witnesses thousands and lakhs of visitors on daily basis. It is one of the most important financial arcades of the city with most of the banks and the head offices of companies in the vicinity.

How to Reach

Connaught Place is well connected to the whole of Delhi with very frequent public transports like auto rickshaws, buses and the most convenient is the metro. If you don’t mind spending some bucks on public transport, one can easily board auto rickshaws and taxis to easily roam around the place. If not wanting to spend too much, the bus and the metro are the best way to commute. It is well connected to the airport, domestic and international both. It is also closely located to the New Delhi railway station.


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