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Flower Market Connaught Place

The flower market of the city of Delhi is located in the heart of the city that is Connaught place. The work in this market begins as early as 4 AM and the market gets closed by 9 AM. The flower market was set up in the year 1995 and the person who was behind the setting up this market is Shri Brij Mohan Khanagwal. There are large numbers of plant sellers who come to sell huge variety of plants in this market. The small flower shop owners of the city and neighbouring places also come to buy the flowers from this market. The flowers are sold at quite cheaper price in this flower market in Connaught place but the small shop owners in the entire city sell them at very higher rates.

The shop owners in this market sell wide variety of flowers that are made available to them from other parts of the country. The fragrance of the flowers like rajnigandha, chrysanthemums etc that covers this market attracts the people who pass by this market. The different types of flowers that are available for sell in this market are available at very cheaper rates. Many of the shop owners are visited by general people to get the flowers for their personal use while few people visit this place to promote their business of decoration. The turn over of this market is estimated to be around $ 100 thousand. Hundreds of flower traders come and set up their shops regularly since ages.

Types of Flowers

The flowers supplied in this market are brought not only from different parts of the country but are also imported from countries like Thailand, China and Netherlands. The wide variety of flowers and plants sold at different shops in this market includes orchid flower, lilies, marigold, zebras, eye anthuriums etc. The other popular flowers sold here include white-colour wines, orange and yellow colour doldrums etc.

The variety of flowers like Roses, Carnations and Fowl of Heaven are brought into this market from cities like Pune and Bengaluru. The other variety of flowers made available in this market are Gladiolus or light red coloured trumpet flowers, Asiatic lilies in lemon and apple colour, marigold flower, orchid, Rajnigandha and large varieties of red, yellow, lemon and light red coloured Gerbera blossoms.

There are uncountable variety of blossoms that are sold in different shops in this flower market are anthorium, Maggie, lotus, Jaffri, patti Kolkatta and many more. There are also many appreciators of other varieties of flowers that include apple blossoms, white, yellow, light red coloured flowers.

Leaves of Flowers

The leaves of many flowers are sold at particular shops in this flower market and these leaves are majorly sold to the decorators who utilize these petals for decoration purposes.

Plants and Bamboos

The other varieties of plants sold in this market are different types of bamboos and few other kinds of vegetations that are majorly used in the houses. Few of the other kinds of dry plants sold in this market include the dry flowers, dry plants, pot-pourri that is majorly used for decoration in the houses.

Bouquet Accessories

The other varieties sold in the flower market are the accessories that are used for decorating these flowers. These accessories include netting, wrapping linens of different kinds, dividing wores and sponges that are used to serve the purpose of decoration, arrangements, glimmers, scissors and different kind of laces. The other items used in the decoration of flowers are stick holders, cup jugs that are made available at very cheap prices.


When it comes to the cost of buying flowers, plants and other accessories from this market the buyers can bargain hugely as is in the other markets of the city of Delhi. The price comparison of getting flower from flower market and retail shops in the entire city is much higher. For example getting a zebra flower from the retail shops costs a buyer Rs 100 for 10 sticks while the cost of same flower from the flower market can be brought at a price 10 times lower. The most favourable period of getting the wide variety of flowers is in the months from September to February when the cost is low in comparison to the price in the other months. The bargain is easier during the favourable months in comparison to other months.

How to Reach

The heart of the city of Delhi Connaught place is very well connected through buses and metro from almost every other part of the city. Local taxis can also be taken to reach this market.


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