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Nehru Place

Nehru Place is said to be famous for those sale of computer related parts. It is a financial, business and commercial center of the city which was built in the year 1980 and was made of 4 floors. It is one of the famous and prominent locations of South Delhi that houses many headquarters of different firms. It is said to be one of the major information technology hubs of South Delhi.

This place has a very high real estate value with many commercial complexes functioning in the hub. Computer related parts and hardware can be obtained at the best of the best prices at this place. One may see vendors selling cartridges, printing papers, printers, etc on small kiosks or stalls which is a very unusual when seen at the first glance. This place is always crowded with people wanting to get the best computer related products at the best and subsidized rates. This ever crowded market has many offices and free spots which allows more and more people to start their new companies adding to the real estate value of this location.

How to Reach

With the metro running, it is very convenient for anyone to reach till Nehru Place. The violet line metro line has one of the major stations named as the Nehru Place Metro Station. One can also reach this place with the help of the public and private transports. It is at distance of 30 minutes from the Nizamuddin railway station and is one hours away from the New Delhi railway station. Also, the Nehru Place bus terminal is situated here itself.


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