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Kamla Nagar

Kamla Nagar is a very lively and busy market located in the Northern district of Delhi. The market is located next to the North Campus of Delhi University and is directly opposite to Hans Raj College. Hence, one can easily notice that it is a well known hang-out for most of the students who study in the college and live in the nearby hostels or rented rooms. The market is highly famous throughout the country for its spicy street food and well-known fashion brands.

The entire layout of the market is designed in such a way that most of the roads accommodate quality showrooms and branch out in a spiral manner. While most of the lower floors of the market are known for their restaurants and general retail stores, the upper floors are made for residential purposes only. One can easily find various offices set up by the vast majority of publishers and booksellers from across the country, most of which are located on the Bungalow Road.

Moreover, places like Chhota Gol Chakkar and Bada Gol Chakkar are home to a wide variety of international showrooms and outlets. The Kamla Nagar market remains shut on Mondays.

History of Kamla Nagar

Located near the Ghanta Ghar Sabzi Mandi, Kamla Nagar is a famous commercial hub and attracts tourists from across the country. Around the latter half of the 19th century, Kamla Nagar was designed to be a full-fledged residential area. However, it soon turned into a commercial centre, thanks to the need for an established market nearby and is in close proximity to the Delhi University campus. The famous erection of Ghanta Ghar (clock tower) at GT road and introduction of a textile mill in the area attracts tourists, migrants and unemployed individuals from across the country.

Also, it was the major stop of the Delhi Tram Service or TRAMWAY which operated during the British Era and the area has simply flourished over the years. Kamla Nagar is quite famous for housing several renowned freedom fighters such as Purushottam Goyal, Aruna Asaf Ali and the famous Communist Guru Radha Kishan, who is popularly known as Guruji. The area also housed several personalities such as lyricist and poet Gulzar, film actor Manoj Kumar as well as wrestler Late Mr. Dara Singh.

Profile of Guru Radha Krishnan (Guruji)

Loved by all the people residing in the Sabzi Mandi Area of Delhi, Guru Radha Krishnan was known to his followers as Guruji. He is remembered for his 24-day fast, which he dedicated for the upliftment of the lower classes of society and continued the fast until his final breath after India gained freedom. Being a dedicated social worker, he worked hard for the overall welfare of the constituency, which left little or no time for his own family members.


The Kamla Nagar market is well known for its vast line-up of Indian fashion brand outlets and international showrooms located on the renowned Bungalow Road. Since, the area is located near Hans Raj College, it is visited by fashion savvy youth and tourists alike. The market is very huge and one can see shops filled with clothes and accessories by the best brands from across the globe. Known mainly for its range of traditional Indian fashion stores, the lower floors of the Kamla Nagar Market are complete with restaurants of all kinds, whereas the upper floors are mainly used for residential purposes.

Food and Delicacies

Most tourists visit Kamla Nagar to taste some of the delicacies that are available only at the nearby roadside eateries, known as 'Dhabas'. One can see various sweet shops at every corner, which include the Vaishnav Chaat or Lakshmi Sweets, for example. One can also visit the Refreshing Center to catch up on some tasty munchies or flavoured milk.


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