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Gaffar Market

The other name of the market and the name that is commonly used for this market is the grey market since this market sells the products made in China at cheaper rates. Majorly, the product sold in this market is electronics that include air-conditioners, televisions, cameras and mobiles and all the accessories of electronics products. The only problem in buying goods from this market is that they don’t come with any guarantee. The uncountable number of shops that are famous for repairing of any kind of imported mobile phones can be seen spread in the entire market. It has been said that the iPhone launched in Europe and was listed as the innovation of that specific year by the global magazine was already made available in this market many months before the actual launch date of the phone which was quite surprising.

The narrow streets in Gaffar market at any time are suffocated with people and many a times, it gets difficult to even walk on the streets of the market. The conditions of the entire streets in this market remain filthy due to the sewage line that goes through this market.

The cameras are installed to cover the entire street of the market so that it gets easy to monitor the events on the streets of market and hence helping in the security monitoring.

The market was for the first time set up in the year 1952. This market is majorly visited by the young generation for getting more fancy electronic goods at cheaper rates. There are almost 500 shops that are part of this market. The other products that are sold in this market are shoes and garments. The shoes sold in this market are imported from China whereas the clothes are imported majorly from Thailand. Many shops in this market are also considered to be selling forged products and make it belief to the buyers that these forged products are no less than the original products.

This market is very popular among the local people of the city of Delhi.

The other product that is sold in abundant is crystal. The Chinese goods sold in this market are very attractive and eye catching and are available at cheaper rates in comparison to other shops in the city. The anti-extortion department detained almost 3500 fake mobiles since these mobiles did not have the unique identification information. Such kinds of mobiles are imported majorly from China. This led to the movement where almost twenty three merchants were taken into custody.

How to Reach

Gaffar market is the located at a distance of around 22 kms from Karol Bagh market in Delhi. One can hire local buses, taxi or metro to reach this market place.


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