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Sarojini Nagar

Sarojini Nagar (SN) market lies in the South West part of Delhi and is one of the most cleanest and most tread localities in Delhi. This location is very famous amongst all the Delhi residents and also amongst the tourists. Like Janpath, this place is also very famous for its street shopping and street foods. This place is named after that famous freedom fighter, Sarojini Naidu and is enclosed with Safdarjung Enclave. SN market is flocked by thousands of people on a daily basis with an aim to shop like crazy at very reasonable prices. This whole market is divided into different sects and those very frequent to this market may be aware of these sub sections.

Babu Market is one of the divisions in the market. It houses many garments and clothes shop on both sides of the road. Also, one of the nice sweets shops is located in this market. Then, the next sub division is the sabzi market where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis that are farm fresh. Everything thing sold at this market is at throwaway prices which a lot of bargaining taking place at every stall and kiosks. One should know how to bargain to actually buy a lot of things from this market at super affordable rates. It is unbelievable that how cheap you can buy a piece of cloth from this market. Sarojini Nagar is one of those landmark places that are known by everyone even if visiting New Delhi for the first time.

Not only unknown brands, you can find clothes, shoes and other branded things being sold at unbelievably cheap prices which makes this place even more exciting. It is also one of the best places to indulge in those yummy street treats right from Chola bhaturas, chaats, Chowmein, etc.

This market is closed on Monday but on rest of the days, the crowd is in abundance. The collection changes as per the changing season and the crowd remains the same. People from different walks of life make it a point to visit the very famous Sarojini Nagar market to buy things at unbelievably cheap process. This budget market is one of the major tourist attractions in New Delhi.

How to Reach

The closest metro station to Sarojini Nagar is the INA station. This place is centrally located and easy to go from any place in Delhi. Public transports like bus, metro, auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws. This place due to its market also has proper parking lots for those wanting to come by their own vehicles and taxis. Booths for prepaid autos and taxis are placed at the right location for people to easily get a transport to go to any other location of the capital from the SN market.


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