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Auto Expo

Auto Expo is an annual show of automobiles which held in Delhi in India. It is ranked as Asia’s biggest motor show and worldwide it is ranked as second largest speed show. This motor show is ranked as one of the most important shows of sports car industry where buying and selling of cars take place and these shows are held always in India.

Auto Expo is prearranged at Pragati Maidan which is a 149 acre open land in the heart of India’s capital Delhi. This show is organized by Automotive Component Manufacturers Association which is also known as ACMA jointly with other two industries that is  Confederation of Indian Industry which is also known worldwide buy the name of CII  and  a Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers i.e. SIAM.

About Auto Expo

Auto Expo is a Motor Show which is ranked as one of the principal automobile manufacturing trade shows that are organized in India. This automobile Expo show is hosted by the side of the India Expo Centre and Mart, which is in Greater Noida in Delhi. Several leading and important specialists and experts attend this expo who is experts of this automobile sector. Large number of newsworthy tutorials and interactive consultations sessions are planned throughout the event, with the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers –SMMT and the Recycling of motor vehicles life form are two of the mainly worth mentioning’s of such assemblies. At Auto Expo, the major participants are said to be the Garage exhibition area, the Engine exhibition area and the Diesel exhibition area, these are the attraction of the show and these are as a exceptional mention and participants be capable to take part in the automobile designing competitions as well that are held during the show.

The Auto Expo Delhi is ranked as one of the most highly-attended trade shows of its kind in the country with more than 1,80,00,000 average visitors. Superior business experts together with their managers from the automobile industry, experts in engineering, technicalities of motors are a few of the major attendees at the demonstrate. A large amount of foreign guests are there at the show as well.


The Auto Expo was visualized in the year 1985 and had its first appearance in the form of trade show in 1986. The Auto Expo held in 1986 was a windowpane for machinery transport presentation that how the Indian Automotive manufacturing was gripping new technologies and promoting home-grown research and development for become familiarized to these technologies for the rough Indian circumstances. This show was run for 9 days. This 9 day show was noticeable by then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and from that time it is always organized.

The Auto Expo is credited by the OICA.

12th Auto Expo

The 12 Auto Expo 2014 – Component Show is going to be held on February 6 till February 9, 2014 in Pragati Maidan, Delhi. This is organized by Confederation of Indian Industry and Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers jointly.

The Auto Expo 2014- Motor Show is going to be held in Greater Noida in Indian Expo Mart on 7th February and lasts till 11th February’14.

How to Reach Pragati Maidan

By Road: Visitors can travel by taxis to reach Pragati Maidan. Car hire services are also ready offered to guests.

By Air: Guests can take domestic or international flights to Indira Gandhi International Airport, as it is very much near to Pragati Maidan and one can avail transport services to get to the Auto Expo.


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