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Chandni Chowk

The variety of products available in Chandni Chowk coupled with the attractive prices that they are available for make this market one of the hottest and happening places in Delhi. There are various sections divided inside the market based on the category of the products they sell. The most striking feature of this market is that though Delhi has been witnessing the growth of high-profile malls in the recent past, this has not deterred the tourists from visiting Chandni Chowk. This is one of the oldest markets in Delhi. What is now a busy market palce was earlier a venue for trading business with countries like Holland, Turkey and China.

If you are interested in buying some fabric with exciting colour combinations and intricate designs, then you must visit the Katra Neel section. Silk, cotton, crepe, muslin etc. are some of the types of materials available here.

If you are looking to buy some medicines related to Allopathy or some equipment for medical purposes, you must visit the Bhagirath Palace area. This place is also famous for the reasonably priced but high quality electrical goods. It is also one of the biggest electrical goods market in the world.

Most of the brides-to-be in Delhi visit the Kinari Bazaar section of Chandni Chowk. This area is famous for its bridal wear or dresses with heavy works of zari or zardosi. The colour combinations and the intricate workmanship of dresses available here is remarkable.

If it is silver jewellery that one is looking for, then one must go to Dariba Kalan. This place sells some very good pieces of silver jewellery. A famous shop in this area which is highly recommended by locals is the Gulab Singh Johri Mal. This shop has been in the business from 1819 onwards. Here, attar perfume is not only produced but also sent to various foreign countries.

There are lots college going girls and other women flocking the stalls at Chhatta Chowk Bazaar as this area sells fancy jewellery made from semi-precious stones. The bags that are sold here too contain intricate embroidery work on them. Home décor items like beautiful wall hangings can be purchased from these shops at affordable rates.

On the whole, Chandni Chowk is a place where almost everything from a pin to a plane is available. A tour to Delhi is never complete without visiting Chandni Chowk market.

How to Reach

Since this is an iconic landmark of Delhi, it is connected with all the major parts of the city through buses, trains and other vehicles.

Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk Metro Station

Distance from Old Delhi Railway Station: 2 Kms

Distance from IGI Airport: 21 Kms


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