Janpath which means the ‘people’s path’, is one of the main roads of New Delhi. This place is a boon for those wanting to go in for budget shopping. This was earlier considered to be one of the major routes during the inauguration of the capital in 1931. The road north to this goes towards Connaught Place, another important shopping arcade in the capital. The real estate value of this location is very high as compared to the other places and it also houses many commercial offices. This 1.5 km long market stretches from the outer circle of Connaught Place to the Windsor Place.

This place is always full of people busy shopping on the streets and buying variety of things. You can see small kiosks placed on both side of the roads selling variety of things. Clothes, accessories, house accessories, etc can be found on the streets where vendors are in abundance selling things at cheap rates. This is one of the best places for those wanting to go for budget shopping. The Indian Tourist office lies in the corner of Connaught Place and Janpath. There are some boutiques and stores that even date back to 1950s.

The important buildings in Janpath are the National Museum, Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, National Archives of India, the Centre Cottage Industry Emporium, etc.

You can find clothes, jewelry with semi precious stones and other things at super affordable prices making it easy for those wanting to shop in bulk. There are also some very old artisans, craftsmen, weavers and folk artists that run their business in Janpath selling those beautiful pashminas, shawls, phirans, etc. One of the jewelry brand named Cooke & Kelvey is adored by most of the elite classes of India and abroad as well. They have on offer one of the most beautiful looking heavy kundan sets, traditional mangtikas and sherwani buttons that are just class apart. Also, the exquisite TBZ store is a trademark jewelry store that has offer the best gold and diamond jewelry suiting every taste and age group. You name anything and that anything can be bought from Janpath with a lot of variety present at every different stall or kiosks. This is the best budget shopping location for the people to visit.

How to Reach

You ask anyone to take you to Janpath, it is on their finger tips. This location is easily accessible from public transports like auto rickshaws, buses and cycle rickshaws for closer locations. This place is very closely located to the New Delhi railway station making it easy for anyone to go to this place. The roads are also well made for those wanting to go by their own private vehicle. The routes are mentioned everywhere on the roads making it easier for people to go. Not to worry about any transportation issue as this famous shopping place is known to every driver or public transporter.


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