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Rajouri Garden

Located in the West Delhi region of India, Rajouri Garden is a very popular residential area of Delhi. The area is famous for being an up-scale residential neighbourhood and houses several famous people and celebrities from the elite classes of society. It is well developed and has a wide range of luxury properties and commercial outlets. Rajouri Garden is highly regarded for its main market, shops with high-end products, expensive eating outlets and rich tastes. The area usually attracts the high class youth of the society, along with other famous socialites, and individuals who love shopping.

Rajouri Garden - Home to Expensive Tastes and Influential People

Being in a well known region in Northern India, Rajouri Garden is a highly populated, up-scale residential neighbourhood, with a vast majority of Hindus, Punjabis and Sikhs. Moreover, one can also see a good amount of foreigners and NRIs around the area. Rajouri Garden is known mainly for its main market, the expensive lifestyle of its people, rich and luxurious tastes of the people, and the high number of fast food joints and restaurants. It is the key market of the area, which remains shut every Wednesday. One will always find a large amount of youth and shoppers, circling in and around the area. It also houses several well known politicians, such as Ajay Maken and Subhash Arya.

Rajouri Garden is also home to some of the most powerful and well known businessmen in India and across the globe. The people living in the neighbourhood have a passion for fast cars, and they mostly purchase imported four-wheelers to keep up with the pace. People living in the C, D and T blocks have expensive bungalows and live a very luxurious life. Moreover, families living in the Red, Green and Yellow DDA apartments are extremely rich and have their owned personal properties.

Shopping Malls

One can easily find a great number of western style indoor shopping malls located in Rajouri garden, in close proximity to one another. These malls attract crowds from across the state and are a major selling point for Rajouri Garden. Moreover, as the malls are conveniently located near the Delhi metro stops, visitors find it easy to shop and leave instantly. Some of the major malls in the area include:

  • TDI Mall
  • Shopper's Stop
  • City Square
  • Pacific Mall
  • TDI Paragon Mall
  • West Gate Mall

The vast majority of these malls are very beautiful, technologically up-to-date and come with a fine range of value added services, such as good parking space and a lively ambiance. These malls also provide the perfect environment to socialize, relax and indulge in long shopping sprees. The development of malls and the introduction of shopping arcades have contributed to the overall growth and rise of Rajouri Garden.


Rajouri Garden houses a good amount of medical facilities and health care centres. Most of these hospitals are private and are highly advanced with regards to technology and medical approach. The main hospitals in the area are:

  • Star Dental
  • SRL Diagnostic Center
  • Gambhir Surgical Hospital
  • Kukreja Hospital & Heart Centre


There are some top-notch educational institutions in the Rajouri Garden area. These institutions are either government funded or privately owned. Some of the best schools in the area are:

  • Cambridge Foundation
  • Guru Nanak Public School
  • New Era Public School

Nearby Areas

The most important areas around Rajouri Garden are as follows:

  • Raja Garden
  • Tagore Garden
  • Vishal Enclave
  • Shivaji Enclave
  • Hari Nagar

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