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Tibetan Market

Originally introduced to give refuge to a few immigrants from Tibet, the Tibetan Market is now one of the major tourist attractions of Delhi and is fondly referred to as 'Little Tibet' by the locals and the tourists alike. It is also called as the 'Monastery Market'.

Since its inception roughly a decade ago, the colony has not only expanded in size and population, but has also developed to a considerable extent and is extremely famous today. The market is a great place to purchase some budget-friendly winter clothes such as sweaters, jackets and shawls or to binge on some authentic homemade Tibetan food.

Tibetan Market – A Place Abuzz With Activity

Located in Delhi, India, the Tibetan Market is one of the most famous tourist attractions around the area and is highly regarded for its top quality winter clothes and authentic homemade Tibetan cuisines. One can easily shop for and purchase various types of winter clothes at budget friendly prices. Most of the woollen clothes are handmade and are sold in the market at a very affordable rate.

Tourists can indulge in a wide variety of delectable homemade Tibetan cuisines and try out different dishes such as Momos, Noodles and Thukpa. These dishes are generally sold in stalls and eateries. One can also purchase good quality footwear and other products, made entirely out of authentic leather.

History of Tibetan Market

The area was introduced in order to give refuge to people, who visited the country from Tibet. However, the development of technology resulted in the introduction of new businesses, shops and stalls and that has eventually contributed towards the overall fame and recognition earned by the area. Today, the market is visited by all kinds of people and tourists from different parts of the world.

What to Do at the Tibetan Market

Also referred to as the Monastery Market, the area is always crowded with tourists, shoppers and collectors who have an immense liking for antique items such as bronze or wooden statues, wall hangings, wooden table lamps, abstract or religious paintings, figurines, incense sticks, traditional accessories, woollen shawls, Tibetan jewellery, semi-precious stones and other rare artefacts.

However, the availability of clothes is not restricted to woollen apparel alone. One can also purchase regular apparel and other fashion wear. Most of the products can be purchased from the market which is inside the gate, located indefinitely under the ISBT Shahdara Link Flyover, Ring Road. These products are a great hit with the youth of Delhi as they are stylish and offer great value for money.

One can also gorge on some delicious Tibetan food, a majority of which is authentic and purely home made. Moreover, one can also hop into restaurants such as Shakura and Zomsa to taste the original Tibetan Thumpa, or taste some freshly prepared steamed Momos with Chowmein.

How to Reach

One can easily reach the Tibetan Market by bus as most of the buses stop at the bus stand, which is located near the Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT) flyover, the area right below where the market is located.

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