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TDI Paragon

Be prepared to look into some really amazing shops at TDI Mall located at Rajouri Garden. This mall is created around a central atrium where one can shop for essentials and other luxury goods.

Showrooms of various brands line the two floors of TDI Mall while the third floor has four unique multiplex which showcase the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Exclusive use of glass on the facade of TDI Mall lends it a unique look and the intelligent mix of vibrant colours adds life to the shopping arcade.

Unique Features of TDI Mall

TDI Mall has central air conditioning and thanks to the power backup, the shopping experience will be unique, every time you head to TDI Mall. If creatively designed central atrium adds glory to the TDI Mall, security and safety of the guests too is a top priority for the TDI Mall authorities. Fire detection and fire fighting system lend credibility to the security arrangements at the shopping mall and you can expect sufficient parking space for your vehicles at the shopping mall. The ground floor offers ample resting space for visitors.

Shopping Options Available

A range of shopping options are available for an avid shopper in TDI Mall, Rajouri Garden. Some of the featured brands and shopping options in TDI Mall include Bizarre which is known for its womenswear. Alternatively, you can try visiting Krishna Saloon, Merawala jewellers, Narain Store, Origin Ethic, Orange Harra, Studio K.S, Shahnaz and Vodafone. In case you wish to try some spicy South Indian treat, you can head to Madras Curry House within TDI Mall. Madras Curry House is known to dish out some authentic South Indian cuisine and you will not be disappointed ever.

After a hectic round of various shops in TDI Mall, you can head to Costa Coffee for soothing your senses and enjoying a cup of coffee along with your friends.

Range of Facilities

TDI Mall is unique in itself as it offers numerous facilities to the shoppers. The shopping mall has two entrances, one from the front side and other from the side. Ample parking space is available in TDI Mall as two basement floors are exclusively reserved for parking. The parking floors are interconnected and you can enjoy shopping unhindered as vehicles can be parked at leisure.

As the shopping mall is spread across four floors, some shops which are spread across two floors have escalators. TDI Mall can be a perfect shopping retreat for you even as your children enjoy their favourite movie at any of the four multiplex in the TDI Mall.

Location of TDI Mall

TDI Mall is centrally located in West Delhi and lies within the Shivaji Place District Centre. The TDI Mall is in close vicinity of Rajouri Garden market and can be visited via Delhi Metro as the Rajouri Garden Metro Station too lies nearby.


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