Mehrauli was founded by King Mihir Bhoja. The Lal Kot fort in Mehrauli was formed and constructed under the guidance of Jat chief named Anangpal. This place has a very old feel to it with the ancient buildings and monuments framing a very important part of the Capital. It is highly asked and famous for its architecture. Now, it is called as any other neighborhood but many dynasties have contributed to the formation of this part of the city. The famous Rajon Ki Baoli was constructed during the rule and reign of Lodhi was which was used to store water. But as of now this baoli is totally dry and is now known as the Sukhi Baoli. This place is an ancient Jat village and it is highly famous for its iron pillar inscriptions.


Mehrauli is a mix of residential complexes and commercial offices. People often visit this place specially tourists to see the Indian rich heritage of the vicinity. There are many shopping centers in Mehrauli and one can get to buy different things right from clothes, household things, and other things that are needed.

How to Reach

One can easily reach this location with the help of public transports like buses and auto rickshaws. It is easy to reach this place with own private transports with the nicely done up roads of the city.


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