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Delhi- Shopper's Paradise

Right from the olden days, Delhi has been the hub of all trading businesses that happened in North India. Places like Yusuf Sarai and Sheikh Sarai are named after trading points. In the modern days, these trading and market areas have given way to lots of shopping complexes and widespread whole sale markets all over Delhi.

Delhi is a place that contains shops selling various exquisite goods like handicrafts, leather, jewellery, paintings, books, carpets, high-valued stones, textiles, trendy items, silver ware  precious silks etc. Therefore, whenever tourists visit Delhi, they mandatorily indulge in some shopping activities. There are various markets that sell specific kinds of items in Delhi. One must never miss the shopping experience at Connaught Place, Chandni Chowk, Karol Bagh and Sarojini Market. If tourists want to buy some exquisite handicraft items at emporiums where the price is regulated by the Government, then they must visit Baba Karak Singh Marg.

Though each of these markets sells various kinds of goods and are highly distinct from each other, all of them are clear representations of Delhi’s rich culture and history.  Put together, these markets are definitely the face of Delhi. These markets are the places one should visit in order to have a feel about the traditions, value systems, culture and lifestyles of Delhi. The products that these markets sell are far from one’s imagination. The famous shopping areas in Delhi are:

Dilli Haat

Haat, in the olden days, was used to refer a bazaar in a rural area. Dilli Haat is a product that has been developed by the Delhi Tourism Authority to market Delhi to the local and international tourists. Dilli Haat is a modern version of the rural bazaar and it is an upmarket shopping destination. There are lots of tourists who come here to visit the exclusive handicrafts that are exhibited here.  Lots of foreign tourists visit Dilli Haat every year.

Connaught Place

Palika Bazaar in Connaught Place is one of the famous markets in Delhi. Tourists who come here can indulge in lots of bargaining to get high quality items at very reasonable prices. This is a place that is frequented by foreigners mostly.

Chandni Chowk

This is one of the oldest markets in Delhi and in the country as well. Legend has it that this market was designed by Shah Jahan’s pampered daughter, Jahan-Ara. In earlier days, there was a pool in the middle of the market. This market is hugely famous for its antique goods and metal items. This is a must visit place for every shopping lover.

Greater Kailash

This place is most suitable for people who are rich and can afford the classic products. Greater Kailash is a residential area where the high profile people live and therefore, the shopping area is purely up market. Some of the country’s famous brands and international brands are on display here. If a tourist has lots of money, wants to splurge on some of the best and exquisite designs, then Greater Kailash is a must visit place for them.

Karol Bagh

This place is vibrant and represents the true flavour of Delhi. There are lots of events conducted on three of Delhi’s busiest streets that are found here – Azmal Khan Road, Bank Street Road and Arya Samaj Road. With every passing day, the number of tourists who visit Karol Bagh is on the increase, which is why lots of small and big hotels have been springing up in this place. One can choose from the budget hotels or the luxury options available here depending on his affordability levels. Lots of foreigners visit this place.

Preet Vihar

This place is a neat arrangement of different markets that sell different kinds of things. These markets operate both on a small level and on a big level. This market attracts lots of visitors from far-away places too because one can buy anything from pin to plane here. The trendy items on display are a huge attraction for the youth.

Bazaar Palika

This is a very unique market in Delhi as it is the only underground market in the city. The fact that it is fully air-conditioned makes this place a great summer retreat. During summers, the market is full of people and one can find both the tourists and the shop keepers shouting at the top of their voices for bargaining and selling goods.

Kamla Nagar

This is a very strategically located shopping area in Delhi. Situated in close proximity to Delhi University, it is needless to say that students are the main target audience for this place. To cater to the changing and evolving fashion trends of the students, this area keeps on introducing newer designer items every season. McDonald’s and Dominos are the two eateries which are frequented by students most of the times. The garments sold here attract the student community from other places as well, as there are quite a few international brands too on sale here.


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