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Palika Bazaar

Palika Bazaar is one of the biggest markets functioning in the capital. There are as many as 380 shops that sell different variety of things and are situated close to Connaught Place. The majority of items sold in this market are either electronics or clothes. This market was set up in the year 1970 but now people say that the influx of people to this market had reduced radically due to the many malls that have come up in the city. This is an underground market which can accommodate any number of people. As many as 25000 people can be seen inside this underground market anytime of the day. This market is highly famous amongst the dwellers of the city and everyone knows about this market.

This market is famous for many wrong doings as well. Most of the illegal activities and its trade take place in this market. To curb this menace, police conducts regular check on this market but has never been able to dig out anything concrete to stop such malpractices. One can get new electronics on very cheap prices. Right from designer products to those cheap rated gadgets and CD’s, one can get anything and everything under this one underground market. Many tourists make it a point to visit this market due to its worldwide fame. One should know how to haggle in this market to get the best of the products at the lowest of the prices.

How to Reach

Palika Bazaar is located below the inner circle of Connaught Place and is an amazingly done up air conditioned underground market. One can easily reach this place by taking the metro till Rajiv Chowk. People from far off places like Noida and Gurgaon can easily reach this place without braving through the traffic by travelling in the metro. It is very easy for anyone to get into any public transport like the bus or auto and get till the market. It is also easy to reach this place with the help of private vehicles. This place can also easily be reached by the airport with the superfast metro line going all the way till the airport.


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