Shopping Malls

The city of Delhi has been termed as a place where the people can be always seen shopping on streets, in the malls and different markets. The malls in the city of Delhi are more commonly shopped as the retails shops. The people who have flavour of shopping can get all varieties from the mall of Delhi. The malls display wide range of variety for the shopaholic’s of Delhi.

The malls have all the shops that sell the most popular brands and the shop lovers have chance to decorate different brands in their wardrobes. The shopping malls are not only considered to be a place for shopping but also a place for strolling by the young generation. Many young people are seen passing their time by window shopping in the big mall shops. The malls not only have shops but mostly also have multiplex theatres, gaming corners etc. The food courts in the malls are seen flooding with people since they provide all types of cuisine to try. The concept of malls is increasing at a marginal pace among the people of the city.


One of the major attractions while one visits the city of Delhi is its huge and marvellously designed malls. The city have wide range of malls ranging from small to extra huge that have not only stores selling the international and national brands but also house multi cuisine food courts, multiplexes etc.

Select City Walk

The Select City walk is one of the most sought out place for the people of the South part of Delhi. This is one of the most common centres of attraction for the people who want to spend a quality time in shopping at one of the biggest brands. The mall has shops from small brands to top notch international brands. A high end mall is what can be also be given a name to the Select City Walk. It is a perfect place for spending a good amount of family or friends time in the mall. The different restaurants offer different types of cuisines.

CTC Mall

CTC mall is termed as the paradise for ladies. The CTC mall is located at the prime location in Moti Nagar. CTC mall has something to offer to every age group. The young girls can shop for modern clothing’s like skirts while the girls who would want to prepare their trousseau can shop for heavy suits, saris and even the dress for their very special day of life by getting heavy lehengas. The mall is spread over an area of almost 4000 square feet and is declared as store that offers endless variety of ethnic wear for women.

The mall has been into existence since year 1973 and works as both the whole sale and retail store like many of the other stores being Chabbra Store for Sari located in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. This mall has been ranked as second biggest mall in its own types of mall. The location of the both these malls are such that it attracts a large group of people to have a handful of ethnic shopping under one roof.

AEZ Square

One of the plushest malls located in the western part of Delhi in Vikaspuri is AEZ Square that has seen almost uncountable of shoppers visiting its premises. The AEZ group has kept its foot into the real estate of India by setting up this mall in western part of Delhi since the design of the mall has been uniquely designed thus providing it a distinctive architecture in comparison to the other malls located in various parts of the city. The architectural design and the quality of the mall make it no less than many of the international malls in comparison. The mall not only houses the biggest retail brand outlets but also is visited for different eating joints inside the mall. The different leisure options that can be enjoyed in the premises also attract many visitors for entertainment.

This AEZ shopper’s paradise spreads over an area of almost many acres. The design and interiors of the mall leaves its visitors speechless. The mall has many things to offer like branded showrooms, eating joints, gaming corner, coffee shops. The international brands like Gucci, Mango, Reebok, Nike etc have opened up big stores in this mall. The mall has visitors from young generation to adore their wardrobes with these brands.

Ansal Plaza

Located in the South extension area of Southern part of Delhi is a huge plush mall named as Ansal Plaza. This mall is not only a place that can be termed as shopper’s paradise but also a place that is capable of organizing the cultural events, musical shows, fashion events etc in its open theatre. The mall has been designed such that is has an amphitheatre in its centre while the shops in the mall surrounds it in circular fashion. The amphitheatre has a 45 feet high stage in its centre. The mall also has glass curtains that have property of stopping the ultraviolet rays to enter the mall that makes this mall a grandeur architectural building.

This place that is bliss for shopper’s of present generation. The malls have many shops ranging from international brands, contemporary and traditional jewellery shops and many shops for shoe lovers, cosmetics shop thus giving a sigh to the shopping aficionado. The mall also attracts the people not only for its wide range of shopping options but also for the different kinds of cultural events like art and exhibitions, musical shows, fashion events etc and thus provide a different taste to its visitors.

DLF City Center

DLF city centre mall has a non-comparable ambiance in comparison to many other malls of the city. This mall was built in the year 2001 and resembles very much as many of the international malls in its architectural design. There are almost 127 stores that are spread over four levels in the mall. The mall has a number of stores that provides clothing from most modern wear to most ethnic wear. The stores have both the international brand stores and also Indian ethnic wear. Not only have the malls had shop for clothing but also jewellery shops, cosmetic stores, footwear etc. This mall is a must visit when travelling to mall of Gurgaon.

Pacific Mall

The mall situated in on border of UP and Delhi in Ghaziabad is the Pacific mall. The mall has shops from local brands to international brands and thus has something to offer to every class of people visiting the mall. There are many designers who have set up their studios in the mall premises. The mall also houses IMAX theatre that has been ranked second in India while has fifth rank in Asia. The other amenities that are available in the mall are food court, corporate hub, a hotel and an amusement park.

The porch of the Pacific mall in city of Delhi is quite huge along with the spacious facade. The foyer in the mall is also spread in a large area. The mall is divided into three levels that also include a basement and has been spread over an area of 5, 00,000 square feet. This unique and marvellous architectural beauty has been designed by the famously known architect Hafeez Contractor.

Mega Mall

Another mall that can be added to already long list of malls in Gurgaon is the Mega Mall. The mall has been divided into three different levels including two basements. The most remarkable feature of this mall is its food court that resembles many international food courts and is named as DT Diners that spreads over an area of 30,000 square feet. The food court in the mall is known for its 16 types of eastern and western cuisine. Both the renowned national and international brand stores are located in its premises. The mall also houses a DT Cinemas multiplex.


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